GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part II]

Rule # TWO Do not undermine the basics. It is all in the ‘energy’. Reverse engineering is astrologer’s reality check. ~ NJ: The Jewel Whisperer Precision precedes potency The nine precious gems are Ruby (Manik) for Sun, Pearl (Moti) for Moon (Chandra), Red Coral (Moonga) for Mars (Mangal), Emerald (Panna) for Mercury (Buddha), Yellow Sapphire … Continue reading GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part II]


Being Gem Aware (Introduction)

Method to the madness Although selection must and testing must be left to the experts and laboratories, it is good to be aware of different types of gems, their characteristics, background and how they are graded, evaluated and so on. NJ’s series of articles will deal with further insights on soul-gem selection in detail but … Continue reading Being Gem Aware (Introduction)

GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part 0]

Rule # ZERO All systems of Vedic astrology must agree to prescribe any native the same SOUL GEM. If this does not happen, the calculation is flawed. If this does, nothing outshines the magic. ~ NJ: The Jewel Whisperer Introduction Purpose of this post series is to provide right direction to beginners in Vedic astrology … Continue reading GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part 0]

Jyotisha Shastra: A Scientific Subject

Astrology, (henceforth referred to as Nakshatra Jyotisa, Jyotisha or Vedic Jyotisha Shastra, meaning the study of light and time), is absolute science while astrological interpretation is art. The first rule of understanding Jyotisha thoroughly: the learner must experience it, apply it and experiment with it. Jyotisha is about acknowledging and understanding the universal automation and … Continue reading Jyotisha Shastra: A Scientific Subject