Bhrigu’s Story of Gift of Life?

There is a man is walking through the jungle. As he is going along he realizes that a tiger is stalking him. Seeing a cliff nearby, he runs over to the edge and begins to lower himself down by some strong vines that had been growing there. The tiger has run after him and now … Continue reading Bhrigu’s Story of Gift of Life?


Nakshatra ~ Brief Characteristics

# Name Position  Personality Traits 1 ASHWINI 00°00' MES 13°20' MES Liked by all, of fine appearance, intelligent, skilled in work, progressive, wealthy, self-willed, spends easily, helpful to friends, good adviser, has healing capacity. 2 BHARANI 13°20' MES 26°40' MES Truthful, honest, intelligent, pure-hearted, dutiful, self-controlled, of strong will-power, firm, forbearing, persevering, successful at work, … Continue reading Nakshatra ~ Brief Characteristics