Eastern Astrology & Meditation

Before booking readings, taking a glance at birth-charts (based on the date, time, and place of birth / if not available, then the chart of the time when the question is attempted by the reader) and clear pictures of both palms/thumbprints, and face – recent and childhood (optional), is helpful. Write down ONE main question on paper precisely in a sentence before typing it. It should be a clear question.

These are generally needed to ascertain whether there might be insight and value-add for the client in proceeding with their reading or not. In some cases, it may not be suitable getting a reading done at that particular time. When this appears to be so, we may let you know and you should consider contacting later so that it is more beneficial. The purpose of our analyses is to be able to offer suggestions that may be of value for yourself and your loved ones.

Step 1: Please fill the intake form. (Questions and name are optional): https://thescientificastrologer.com/contact-us/intake-consent-disclaimer/

Step 2: Email pictures as mentioned above to Nakshatra.Jyotisa@gmail.com

Minimum fee per reading is $130 +GST ($136.50). Please e-transfer to Nakshatra.Jyotisa@gmail.com in advance, so your appointment may be confirmed (refer below). For Remedy Analysis (remedial measures and helpful suggestions for specific individual situations) $100 +GST ($105) is additional because this involves different approaches and evaluation. (These fees may vary depending on resources, and are only applicable for an individual chart). Compatibility-Match / Synastry involves 2 charts: $273 with GST).

International Payees can use PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/NJAstroPsychic

Please note that the discussion duration follows the time and effort that it takes to do the overall analysis. The service charges are not based on an hourly rate calculation.

In-person appointments at the 177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB location are not available momentarily. Only email readings can be taken.

Intuition always plays a role, however our readings are mainly based on a unique style of birth chart analysis from different angles, using multiple systems. The West is more familiar with the word Psychic; hence it is mentioned. It would be best not to expect typical *psychic reading* experience, rather being open-minded towards reading methods from different cultures/scriptures. There is significant cumulative experience behind the readings and our system attempts a progressively improving mechanism, but on an experience and calendar basis. The results of these readings have mostly been insightful, as per most clients. Results vary depending on individual’s charts and timing of questions, reader’s own timing and charts as well, and so on.

Tarot approach is also used, primarily for foreign born natives, or when the birth details are missing/inaccurate.

Eastern astrology is only a guiding map; the suggestions, predictions may not always be accurate and subject to perception, karma (‘Rin-Bandhan’), current planetary dasha/cycles of the native, the reader/s, and relevant people and things. Readers need to depend on intuition as well and can read only on best effort basis. Clients are expected not to solely depend on our readings/suggestions. Rather to make the best use of their own knowledge, intuition and judgement with good intention & faith, and be reasonable in their expectations from any reading. Astrology readings and Meditation are general and for entertainment purpose only].

STEP 3: Please use the link below to book your appointment at least 3 days in advance once the fee has been deposited via e-interac: Nakshatra.Jyotisa@gmail.com. Await the final confirmation, as some birth charts may require more time.

                                              CLICK TO BOOK WITH APPOINTFIX APP

Analysis of birth charts takes several hours of study and research prior to most of the readings, sometimes in multiple sittings, so please be patient. For more questions you may refer to our reviews or text 2045572974. (Email is preferred method of communication and reading: Nakshatra.Jyotisa@gmail.com)

*** Our readings are based on personal experience with certain charts, principles, calculations, and intuition. They may help along the way to get some clarity. Please DO NOT contact for anything related to black magic, spells, purely ‘fortune-telling’ etc as those are outside our scope. ***

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