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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have came to knew one of my friend, could you pls study my chart please….

    I am an arts graduate working in pvt.ltd., main problem is suffering with lack of growth in current job.
    and my job related with both travels and admin.work.
    and have some debits(small amounts)

    Could you please reply to few of my quires in some detail/point wise…please….
    My DOB:27/02/1972 11:24a.m – Guntur – Andhra Pradesh.
    have two children one male and female. parents are alive. one younger brother.(his professional and married lives are worse)

    1.Shall I expect a better Job in near future? with some better salary than present one? any change of place indication..?
    2.Which field is most suitable to me?
    3.Buying or Constructing Independent house and car in future?
    4.Any Abroad chances? in future?
    5.I would like take some training in HR and Some Foreign language..? which will helpful for me in future?
    6.Business or Job which is most better to me? (to be say frankly till now my professional career is not so satisfactory) will I expect in future?

    And finally Reply frankly my chart is good or not? as per knowledge(sorry I am half-knowledge) all good planets combusted between bad planets… if it is good till now there is no growth in my life…?

    I am eagerly looking for your kind reply,

    Best regds,

    1. Namashkar Prasadji:

      We will be happy to help you but kindly send one most important question of your life first. For the remaining, if you are still interested, we can take up the whole chart analysis.

      Please note down the question when it comes to you, the time and place of question and one number between 1 to 249 randomly. Do not give your lucky or favorite number, note down whatever number comes to your mind first. Then mail us the details and we will give precise prediction with KP Horary calculations.

      Wishing you good health and happiness,


      1. When will I can live in well constructed and luxurious house in my life ?
        dob- 27/12/1989
        time- 02:05 pm
        place- bijapur(karnataka)
        number -08
        time- 10:55 pm

  2. Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your kind response.

    My main question is
    in which period shall i get stability and growth in my professional and financial matters in life?
    Place: Hyderabad
    Time:6.18p.m as on 15.10.2011
    My Selected No:11

    Looking for your kind response,

  3. i was searching the net and i found your site , i hope you can put some clear light on my future.
    I want to start my business but things are not working out no oppurtunity is coming my way.few weeks back my maternal uncle who lives abroad asked me to find buyers related to under erath materials like coal/magnese but few days back he said its not woking out and he will tell if it does in future. I dont have much support around myself i live with my mother and father’s side relatives are more enemy then support ,i lost my father at early age.
    questions- 1} will my business start soon and be succesful by when will i start earning ?
    2} Y there are so many blockages in my life for everything i have struggle to such extend that life becomes a curse?
    3} is there possiblity of marriage in my life if yes when and will be a good n happy marriage or it will be another curse in life?
    4} will marriage change my luck?

    5} my father’s elder brother tried to snach our property we fought for 8 years in court we did get our property but when we sold it ,it went for very cheap price but still 2cases are still going by when will i get rid of this man from my life ?
    6} my house has 2 entrances one south and another east ,we have stoped using the south direction entrance is this hurting my life ?
    iam wearing a panna stone in gold and a opal in silver as a pendant . pls suggest some remedies

    my details
    place of birth – new delhi
    no i choose – 55
    time of ques – 11:47am
    place new delhi {home}


    Nitesh Saxena

  4. Respected Guru ji

    I am sharad from rajkot.

    My details are as follows.

    BIrth date : 8th January – 1973

    Birth Time : – 2.10 AM (24 hours format )

    Birth Place : – Rajkot ( Gujarat – India)
    My question is which gem stone I should wear for better Wealth / health / good married life ?
    Number of Choice : – 61
    At present I am at Morbi – Gujarat- India.
    Thanks you very much.

  5. Dear Sir,
    When my property litigations with my brother will be solved?
    No. is 21
    Place :- Pune, Maharashtra
    Time : 15:33 pm ( 3:33 pm)

  6. namaskar

    pls answer my Query .

    I want to know is there possiblity of my marriage or it has gone passed now .if yes pls analyse watever detail regarding my married life and partner you can.

    nature of partner ,will the marrriage be fruitful to both , wat kind of family background will she be of ?

    my details
    new delhi
    no. i choose is 11


  7. I came across your blog and was interested in it.

    I have a question- We wanted to know when we would be blessed with a child.

    My DOB: 18th Apr 1982 Time:00-15am (midnight) Place: Kolkata Star:Sravana Rashi:Makara Lagna:Makara

    My husband’s details: DOB: 11th Dec 1978 Time:04-15am Star:Bharani Rashi: Mesha Place: Vellore,Tamil Nadu

    Please let us know when would be blessed with a child.


  8. My DOB 5/11/1986,Birth place -Delhi, Time-12:40 pm.please tell me when(month and year) will i get a job?

    Number chosen is 200

  9. Nitesh saxena
    dob- 7/feb/1978
    time of birth – 23:25pm
    place of birth – new delhi
    no. i choose is – 65

    Query – My query is regarding my career in business , i want to start my business and i have been advised to look into underearth materials like iron,magnse,oils. for trade.
    The problem is i got no support and unable to to find any oppurtunity reagarding the start , some ones said i have a neech mangal in 10th house which will never let my business work out, & 3rd house has some over expenses. iam not an astrologer thats why iam seeking your help.

    pls tell me by when will my business start n whill i get any help or support ,basically by when will i start earning , if any remedy can be done pls tell me.

    i shall wait for ur reply

    namaskar & best of luck

  10. Hi….. My name is chidananda.H.S i’m studyin engineering and i have lot of backs and i’m not able to conc on my studies properly i’m facing huge problem due to this and also i’ve been failing in my exam’s and couldn’t pass and i also fear that i may be dropped from my studies…..so please give me a clear idea about what is happening to me and y i’m not able to study well and score good marks and i also want to know about my future education life like wheathr it may be good or bad…..i’ll be grateful to u if u give me the solution as soon as possible coz my exam’s r approaching in the comming week my dob-4/sep/1993 time-10am place-bangalore sex-male

  11. Hi….. My name is chidananda.H.S i’m studyin engineering and i have lot of backs and i’m not able to conc on my studies properly i’m facing huge problem due to this and also i’ve been failing in my exam’s and couldn’t pass and i also fear that i may be dropped from my studies…..so please give me a clear idea about what is happening to me and y i’m not able to study well and score good marks and i also want to know about my future education life like wheathr it may be good or bad…..i’ll be grateful to u if u give me the solution as soon as possible coz my exam’s r approaching in the comming week my dob-4/sep/1993 time-10am place-bangalore sex-male number-156


    Dear Visitors,

    We have been doing the readings successfully for several years now and the blog has received great patronage all the way. However, due to the limited resources, for some of your questions it has taken more time than usual. We apologize for the long wait but also seek your cooperation to help improve our services and to provide thorough answers as soon as possible.

    You are welcome to contribute to help improve our services. You can also help if you are an Astrology student, a book collector, software/website developer, content/copywriter or a fundraiser.

    Wishing you joy and happiness!

    Post your ONE MOST IMPORTANT question on the Nakshatra Jyotisa Blog under Comments (at Bottom of this page) along with your DATE, TIME and PLACE OF BIRTH and we will reply to you with a precise reading.

    Regards and God Bless,



    *** Please mention your exact DATE, TIME and PLACE OF BIRTH FOR PROPER PREDICTIONS ***

    1. dear sir, me and my husband not getting along well. i was born in a rich family but my husband is middle class person. so lot of controversies. no child also.both of us are doctors. suddenly my career options have closed and i m at home jobless. will my marriage life improve??
      pls guide me

      my birth details 13/6/85 5.30am tamilnadu india
      my husband details 16/7/83 4.30 pm tamilnadu india

      number 1

  13. hi, i would really appreciate ur reply

    8 is the number
    q) when will my life get better, (education, wealth, )

    d.o.b dec/05/1990
    11:15 am

  14. Dear sir,
    This web site appears to be a good web site for selfless decent astrological service. I pray almighty for its good progress. I will ask one question in near future.
    With regards
    yours sincerely
    Ramachandra mohanty. odisha, india
    my email ‘rcm999@sify.com’

  15. Can you pls reply and provide me some guideline for my query

    Date of Birth : 01-10-1979
    Time of Birth : 13:40 Hrs (IST)
    Place of Birth : Dombivli Dist-Thane,Maharashtra
    name : Jeetendra n pathak
    Question : child birth predition…..
    Wife reports are normal
    Myself taking treatment for low sperm count for more than 3 yrs..
    My number is 158

  16. Please tell me share trading is the right career for me?
    Name:Sudhakar Pai
    Time:11:05AM (after noon)

    1. biswajit jena dateof birth:15-04-1984(sunday),timeof birth:1:18pm(day time),placeof birth :bhubaneswar,odisha,name-biswajitjena.question:i am worried about my future,after marriage anything change my life.now iam in my self business.mynumber is 142

  17. My birth date 17/5/86;
    birth time: 4:15am,
    place: kalyan,thane.
    I have completed BHMS,trying for upsc exams will i clear the exam and achieve my target plz guide me for solutions if any problems.

  18. could you please look at my charts …
    date of birth – 30 dec 1981
    time of birth – 23:15
    place of birth- indore , india
    question – after 2009 everything in life is gone haywire from being very settled and happy . Most important concern is Financial and love life ..
    the munber coming to my mind right now is- 49

  19. hello sir,
    1) Shall I expect a better Job in near future?
    2.Which field is most suitable to me?
    3) education any chances I will study further.
    4) Business, till now my professional career is not so satisfactory)
    will it get better in the near future?

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply thank you.
    dec 05 1990
    11.15 pm

  20. SIR , Is it possible for me to get a free BHRUGU SAMHITHA horoscope with a rectified time of birth along with thorogh reading & remedies…….

  21. Respected Guruji,
    Please help…I am always in Hand to Mouth Condition, I just want to Know When will and how will my Financial Condition Improve?

    No in Mind:72
    Date Of Birth: Decmber 8, 1977
    Birth Place: Bombay (Mumbai)
    Birth Time: 18:06

  22. viidhya
    1st sept 1993
    6.10 am
    number 1
    i would like to know about my married life.
    thanks in advance sir.

  23. Boy: Jagrat
    Date: 14.12.1985
    Time: 7.50 AM
    Place: Bareilly (UP)
    Girl: Ruchita
    DOB of Ruchita: 18/11/1988
    TIME : 0640 HRS (AM)
    Place : Ramnagar (Uttranchal)
    Some astrologer my father consulted told us that there is Vaidhav Yog in the match please check and let us know.
    1. ” One of our pandit is saying “Dear Gaurav Kundali match is mediocre.21.5 Gunas, no nadi dosh, no bhukoot dosh, only gana dosh which is not considered effective among Brahmins. As such no Vaidhvya dosh, even then go for Vishnu Pratima Vivah as a precaution and Upaay for it. Regards… B C Tewari.

    2. Another says “There is nothing called Vaidhav Yog in astrology

    Can you help us in getting clarification on this?

  24. ruhi s
    11th may 1980
    11.30 pm
    jaunpur (uttar pradesh)
    no in my mind 10
    pl tel when & how will be married life

  25. Namatey – I am currently bit perturbed with my current job. I am not happy with the quality of work I am doing. I will really appreciate if you can help show the way:)

    Below are my details:

    Name: Anshumaan Rajshiva

    DOB: 10 Nov 1977

    Time of Birth: 19:55

    Place of birth : Kanpur, UP, INDIA

    Question: Will I have a better job change this year

    Horary number: 54

    Any advice will be helpful.

    With warm regards
    Anshumaan Rajshiva


    HOW R U ?

    DOB: 16/12/1979
    TIME 3.45 AM

    CON NUM : 9820770101

  27. My name is Shivendra, DOB- 22 october 1983, Time 17 hours 50 Minutes place Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India. Currently doing research job but want to do something big in my life. Although i feel my luck does not favour me. Can you suggest me about my future and career. It will be a great help. Thank you in advance.


  28. hello sir, I came across ur website
    thank u for the help sir…
    “WHEN WILL I GET A CHILD” trying since 7 yrs
    my number is “2”
    DOB: 25/06/1983
    Place: madhugiri
    time: 03:56 pm

    please let me know sir…. my email id: bhargavi.loknath@gmail.com

  29. Hi Nakshatra!

    I hope everything is fine. I sent several txt messages to you back in April, not sure if u remember though. I was soo busy I didn’t have the time to write you an email. Just a few things about me; my name is Katrina, born in the Philippines May 1 1984, obviously I’m a taurus and yes I am stubborn hehe. I’m a big fan of astrology and I would like to have a reading done. I can ask my mom for my time of birth, I know it’s 7:30 but not sure if I was born in the morning or evening. My mother also knows destiny reading through feng shui and I pretty much know what’s going to happen. I just wanted another reading via a different method. I have questions about my career, marriage and family. It seems the universe is trying to tell me something about my marriage/relationship for the past few months and I just couldnt seem to grasp it. Can you give me more insights about my present marriage? Is there going to be a major & life changing event about to happen in my marriage? If so when? And what should I do to prepare for the changes? On the career front, I changed jobs in March and immediately got promoted after a month so my career is flying right now but I am a bit worried as there is so much struggle in the office and it is very stressful. Will I be successful in my current job right now or am I going to have problems? Is there something I should be worried about my career? Please provide guidance as I am feeling a little anxious lately.. Also, you have mentioned about donations on your site right? Kindly send the website again. Thanks so much and I am looking forward to your reading.

    Have a lovely night and enjoy the looo ng weekend! 🙂


    Ps: time of birth is 7:30 am. Born in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines

  30. Dear Sir ,
    I am desperately looking for a job. Since long day i am finding a suitable job but still now i am not able to find it. Still now i am a jobless in spite of having qualification. Can you please tell me will i able to get a good job (private or government anything) at all ? Is there any indication of government job in my kundli ?

    My birth details – 3rd March 1986 , 10:39 AM IST, Chandpara, West Bengal, India .

    I will eagerly wait for your response.

    Thanks & Regards
    Vijay Halder

  31. Hello Sir,

    My fathers life is the most important question I could think. He believes that his time is near. I went to different temples and prayed for his life to be a full life. But if everything is fixed, or if my prayers are expected, My Question is as under.

    The exact date and time when my father will breath his last.

    The number is 2

    I decided to write at 5:30 pm

    Please help.

  32. On Sun, Jul 6, 2014 at 7:28 PM (sao miguel do oeste – santa catarina)
    Hello can you tell me if my daughter will marry (or have a boyfriend) and when?

    Her details:
    POB: Palmitos, Santa Catarina, Brazil
    Long. 53 W 9′.39”
    Lat. 27 S 4′.31”
    Time zone: 3:32:00 (West gmt with lmt selection – correction because of long.) or 3.00.00 (west gmt, Brazil time2 wich is of Brasilia city 47 W 52’00” – 15 S 47′.56”)
    DOB: 03-Dec-1982
    TOB: 07:30:00

    Actual residence: Sao Miguel do Oeste, Santa Catarina, Brazil
    Long. 53 W 33′.30”
    Lat. 23 S 43′.59”
    Time zone: 3:34:00 (west gmt with LMT selectio – correction because of long.) or 3.00.00 (west gmt Brazil time2 – wich is of Brasilia city 47 W 52’00” – 15 S 47′.56”)

    I asked her one number between 1 and 249 and she said 74

    I came because of bhrigu samhita tag, but it can be through other system of prediction.

  33. Sir i was born in 26/9/1986 at 12.50pm in trivandrum(kreala) india what is my professional status pleas help me

  34. Dear Sir ,
    We want to know the matching of bride and groom. The birth details are as under:

    Bride’s birth details — 24th April 1990, 10:00 PM, Ludhiana, INDIA.
    Groom’s birth details — 7th July 1988, 01.15 AM, Chandigarh, INDIA

    We will eagerly wait for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Dear sir/madam
      We put up a quesion one month back but have not received any response. So it is true that Nakshtra is not answering.

  35. dob…4th feb 1983 time….8.40am place….sangola( majarashtra)

    which gemstone is useful for me. can i wear blue saffire and will it suit me and gives me financial prosperity.job and real estate and agricultural business

  36. Date: Sept 2,2014
    Time: 9:39am

    Dear Guruji,
    I’ve been unemployed for the past 11 months and have had no luck so far in securing a job. I’ve had several interviews with major companies but no luck. I’ve been out of India since 2000. My educational background is Master’s degree in food technology from US and I’ve around 8- 9 yrs in the food industry. Currently, I reside in Toronto.
    When will I get a job? Is business an option?

    My birth details are as follows:
    DOB: 30th Oct 1975
    Time: 11:55PM
    Place: Sangli, Maharashtra- India

    Please advice.

  37. Dear Raviji,

    Our apologies for the delay !

    We are replying directly over emails to all important Queries and those posted recently are being replied to after the earlier ones are done. So you may expect the response asap next week.


  38. Sir my dob 26/9/1986 12.50 pm at birth place trivandrum kerala state india sir please give me information about my profession and professio
    nal status

  39. Sir, I m having mens ready made garments retail shop and have also acquired land in thane.now I want to diversify completely into property development , whether will it suit me and also interested in property trading.i m also interested in import business from china, which item will suit me?

  40. Dear Sir,
    My name is Sanjay Nag and my D.O.B. 20/10/1974 & TIME 20.15.00 HRS. AT NEW DELHI, INDIA. My current location is Mumbai. Almost a month back I have lost my job on 19/08/2014. Till date I am searching for a job but could not find one. Although I am getting calls from consultants but those are not converting into interview calls. I have a family to support, I am really worried. Can you please help me out and let me know when will I get a new job.

    Thanks & Regards

  41. Hello,
    Date : 03 August 1979
    Time : 20:54
    Place : Godhra, Gujarat

    At 35, my query is regarding my delayed marriage. Some astrologers I consulted have predicted marriage in various dashas which never happened. Until the recent past, one of the astrologers suggested to wait until the pitru Dosh is over and Jupiter enters my sign for the situation to improve.

    Another astrologer has also predicted no long term relationship at all in my chart.

    I do understand by now, from a marriage point of view my chart is not favorable. But do you see any remedies / an interpretaion which can shed some light at the end of the tunnel?

  42. Dear Sir,
    My name is Swati Sharma.
    My Date of Birth is 11/03/1981
    My time of Birth is 8.25pm
    place of Birth is Arvi(Maharashtra)

    My life is so miserable. I have two kids of 7 and 8 yrs old and I am living with my parents from 2006. please please help me. I will be very thankful to you

  43. Dear Sir,
    May I post my query with respect to Bhrigu Jyotisha?
    I am suffering major problems and along with my major question, I would like to address some other concerns. Kindly find time to answer them if you will on my email- dimple.j@me.com
    POb-Kolkata, India
    Presently in Kathmandu, Nepal
    Present time- 2:57pm
    1/when will my books be published, will they be successful?
    2/will my financial condition improve?
    3/will I be able to relocate to India soon?
    4/will i be able to send my daughter to boarding?
    Thank you.

  44. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know about my marriage. I have achieved whatever I wanted to, however, my marriage is getting delayed. Please let me know when will I get married and about m marital life.

    Date: 08/10/1985
    Time: 3:50AM
    Place: Indore (MP)
    Horary Number: 122 and Place is Mumbai

    Awaiting your earliest response.


  45. Pranam Sir,
    My life is very very miserable which turned me towards spirituality..but here also m facing some major problems n frustration..My question is whether I will get Guru kripa n success in spiritual life in this birth???

    My Dob- 19/02/1984
    Time- 04:22 Pm
    Place-Guwahati (Assam)
    Chosen number is-42
    Waiting for ur earliest response…

  46. Hello.

    I found this site on web and request guidance.

    Name: Deepak
    Date of Birth:3rd April 1964
    Time: 15:57
    Place: Delhi

    My income has stopped since June 2014.When will it restart?

    Look forward to an early response.

  47. dear sir,
    i read all your blog.it is quite interesting.
    i have rejected several times in the interview from the last 3 months.i am doing btech in computer science.
    I was consulted by an astrologer to wear yellow sapphire in index finger and pearl in ring finger for my career..is it good for me? can u suggest me please?.

  48. after the lab test of yellow sapphire,it is identified as yellow sapphire but if there is a crack inside the limestone part occur then it is good to wear or not?

  49. Dear Sir.


    Name:- RAHUL JOSHI

    DOB:- 08/03/1977

    TIME:- 22.12 PM


    CHOSEN NO.- 32


  50. Sir,


    Name: Srinivas.R
    My DOB: 28/12/1972
    Place: Mandya, near Mysore(Karnataka)
    Time: 19: 20

    Why is that i feel i am not getting my due in Profession, is it my mindset which is creating this issue?

    Will this ever subside?

    Any remedies.



  51. Dear Sir,
    I am not finding a job and have been very down in life from past few months.
    I had been jobless since july 2014 and I am in India.
    Please tell me if there is a way to come out of this situation or should I return back home
    My Birth details:
    Name : Ajit
    DOB : 07 – February – 1972
    Time of Birth : 16 : 55 PM
    Place of Birth : Ozar(Mig),Nasik, Maharashtra India
    Please give your valuable guidance.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Sincerely yours.

  52. Hello Sir,

    I would like to know when I will get married?

    DOB – 28/04/1982
    Time of birth- 10:40 am
    Place of birth – Mumbai (Maharashtra, India)

    Thank you.

  53. Pandit Ji Pranam,

    Meri life me jab bhi mera relation bana kisi ladki ke saath, main hamesha Faithful, Loyal and Devoted raha apne relation ke liye.

    Har baar mujhe laga ki ussi ladki ke saath meri shaadi ho jayegi, kyunki main hamesha apne sabhi relations ke liye bahut Serious and Emotional raha hun.
    But har baar, mera relation break ho gaya aur main akela reh gaya.

    November,2014 ko bhi mera last relation khatam hua hai.
    Maine socha nahi tha ki har baar ki tarah is baar bhi main apni manzil tak nahi pahunch paaunga aur relation toot jayega aur main har baar ki tarah main fir se akela aur tanhaa reh jaunga.

    Main apne last relation ko leke sabse zyada serious tha…..yeh relation 2010 June me start hua tha aur November,2014 me khatam ho gaya.

    Ab mujhe samajh nahi aa raha ki main is ladki ka wait karun ya apne maa-baap ki marzi se Arrange Marriage ke liye haan kar dun????
    Kyunki ab kisi aur ladki ke saath ya koi New Affair karne ki himmat bhi nahi bachi mere ander aur na hi main kisi aur ladki ke paas jaa sakta hun ab, kyunki wahi ladki mere Dil-Dimaag-Mann aur Aatmaa me bas gayi hai.

    Main bahut zyada Pareshan aur Confuse hun, Please meri Help kijiye Panditji.

    Sumit Salwan
    DOB: 06/ 09/ 1980
    Time: 6 a.m.
    Place: New Delhi

  54. Pandit Ji Pranam,

    Sumit Salwan
    DOB: 06/ 09/ 1980
    Time: 6 a.m.
    Place: New Delhi

    I am jobless since 2011…….should I go for Business or Job???

    What is the right time to start Business and what kind of business??

    When would I get the job??

    Kindly Help me!!


  55. Dear sir! I am an aspiring actor from chennai india! My D O B 16.10.1989
    Time 20:05 place tiruppur
    Would like to know what’s my current and next dasha! How the results will be?! Thank you!

  56. Date of Birth : 31st March 1961
    Time of Birth : 9 10 am
    Place of Birth.


    I would like to know as to by when I will get another job.

    Thank you very much.


  57. Respected member(s),
    My pranams… I will be very grateful if you can answer my question as quickly as possible. My D.O.B. is 12th July, 1996 time 3:09 pm in afternoon (15:09 hrs) place of birth is Kolkata, India. Name is Sudhir, gender is male. I am asking my question on Feb 23, 2015. Number I have chosen is 1. I want to know what my chart says:
    Will I be able to live as a sanyasin/tyagi/ascetic and attain to the ultimate spiritual realization by meditation or will I be forced to marry and enter grihasta life? Please help me as I did rather die than marry and sacrifice my spiritual ambitions… Also my current mahadasa being Rahu, will it help me progress in my spiritual sadhana? Or should I follow certain remedies? And does my birth chart indicate alpayu (short life) by its configurations? Thanks a lot in advance. I will await your response.

  58. Sir,

    Pls predict the date of my marriage

    Date of birth-8/5/1984
    Time of birth- 14:57
    Place of birth- Coimbatore
    Place of question – Singanallur
    Time of question – 12:44 PM
    Number in mind – 27


  59. Dears,

    Please let me know the details of astrological yogas (planetary combinations) available in my chart. I would like to know both good and bad yogas in my chart.

    Date of Birth : 16 – Nov – 1983

    Time : 18:45

    Place of Birth : Calicut 75e46 11n16

    Place of que : Calicut 75e46 11n16

  60. Dear Sir,

    My name is Srinivas. Details as below.
    DOB – 28/12/1972
    Time: 19.20
    Place: Mandya, Mysore(Karnataka)
    I’ve lost my job, been searching since 3 months… but in vain.
    Kindly let me know when i can get a job, kindly suggest remedial measures.



  61. Hi,

    My birth details are 02 december 1986, 23:55pm, secunderabad , telangana (state) india (country).

    Can you tell me when I will get married and how will my husband be. Can you also tell me how I will meet him.

    If you would like to suggest any remedy to me, I wil follow it.


    Awaiting reply

  62. Namaskar Guru ji,

    1. After completing MS in Materials engineering (mechanical engineering) in Sweden, i am back with no job for around 2, 1/2 years.

    2. Job problems before and present.
    For time being working as Assistant professor at nearby Engg college from Dec 2014.

    3. Not yet married. not netting correct match and if else match is fine then they don’t want to give.

    When will i marry and settle with good job. My mom and dad worry a lot just of me.

    birth place : surat (GUJARAT)
    time: 23:59

    I live in Telangana, near Hyderabad.

    Best Regards,

  63. Dear sir,

    My daughter recently graduated with mechanical engineering but not able to find any jobs. Could you please kindly review her horoscope and advice on when she will be able to land the job and also when she will be getting married.

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Date of birth: 02/27/1992
    Place of birth: San Francisco
    Time of birth 00:45:57

  64. Dear Sir,
    First of all I would like to Thank you so much for being available for advice and help, may God always Bless You.

    My birth details are:
    Place: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Time: 03:30PM (between 3:20 pm and 3.30pm)
    Date : 05th of October 1988

    I got married 2 months ago, but having severe problems. My career is not going well. My life seems to be completely shattered. I wanted to request for a “full chart analysis” of my life, so that I know what is coming my way. And if things are always going to be bad, I will learn to accept it better.

    I will be Sincerely Grateful for any help you can provide.

    Thank you

    1. Dear Sir,
      First of all I would like to Thank you so much for being available for advice and help, may God always Bless You.

      My birth details are:
      Place: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
      Time: 03:30PM (between 3:20 pm and 3.30pm)
      Date : 05th of October 1988
      The number I have chosen is 16

      I got married 2 months ago, but having severe problems. My career is not going well. My life seems to be completely shattered. I wanted to request for a “full chart analysis” of my life, so that I know what is coming my way. And if things are always going to be bad, I will learn to accept it better.

      I will be Sincerely Grateful for any help you can provide

      Thank you

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  65. Dear Sir,
    First of all I would like to Thank you so much for being available for advice and help, may God always Bless You.

    My birth details are:
    Place: Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Time: 03:30PM (between 3:20 pm and 3.30pm)
    Date : 05th of October 1988
    The number I have chosen is 16

    I got married 2 months ago, but having severe problems. My career is not going well. My life seems to be completely shattered. I wanted to request for a “full chart analysis” of my life, so that I know what is coming my way. And if things are always going to be bad, I will learn to accept it better.

    I will be Sincerely Grateful for any help you can provide

    Thank you

  66. Hello Nakshatra team,

    You are doing a great job. I have a question to ask. Can i email you? if yes can you please provide your email ID.
    I want to know if we(my husband and I) will be getting an overseas opportunity soon.
    DOB: 3rd August 1990
    Time:08:50 AM
    Place: Chennai

    Husband’s details:
    DOB: 3rd August 1988
    Time:10:10 AM
    Place: Chennai

    Chosen number: 15


  67. Sir,

    My date of birth – 8/5/1984
    Place of birth – Coimbatore
    Time of birth – 14:57 PM
    Choosen No – 5

    Please check whether i have pitru dosha in my horoscope and also pls suggest some remedies


  68. Sir,
    My DOB is 21st Aug.1978
    POB – Meerut,Uttar Pradesh
    & TOB is 5.15 a.m.

    We both are (me & my Hubby too)facing many problems throughout the life,Financially,mentally,& physically,i have met an accident & broke my spine cord.we both are jobless.relatives & parents never help us.please advice the reasons & remedies.

  69. My name is Pankaj Wadhwa, D.o.b is 16 Jan 1990 at 16:40 PM at Moradabad. I have been facing very rough time in my life from past 7-8 years. By rough time i mean i have a very poor health ( i am very thin guy having acute stomach problem such as constipation on which even medicines doesn’t work, I have anxiety, i had depression in past). I am struggling with this and been to many doctors but all vain.
    Allso i have consulted many pundits but again every body tells different thing
    Some says you have pitradosh some says that you don’t have.
    Apart from that i am suffering from Rahu mahadasha.

    I want to confirm whether i have pitradosh or not if yes then what should i do to remove this dosha.
    though i have organised Pitragayatri path at my home during shraadas. Will it be beneficial?

  70. Preferred Expert: Vedic Astrologer
    Single Most Important Question: Hello
    I am doing my masters from UK. I would like to apply for PhD next year in the UK. This is my dream for which I came here.
    Kindly tell me what are the chances for the same?
    My details:
    DOB: 15/08/1985
    Time/Place: 07:05 am/ Rohtak (Haryana)

    Nakshatra Jyotisa may take a few months
    and can reply on Best-effort No Guarantee basis ONLY: I Agree

  71. Name: Richa A******
    Email: r.agr*******@*****.com
    Contact Number: +91 9*********
    1 Most Important Question: Can I start my own business in partnership with someone?

    Time: October 17, 2015 at 7:15 AM

    Question and Basic Details: Namaste, Im following your blog for over ten yrs since it was on blogger and have never been disappointed. I hope to continue contributing so request to kindly answer faster. Question: Most rewarding career for my son?
    My son’s details: DOB 25/09/1991 Time&Place: 03:25pm Brussels

    Nakshatra Jyotisa may take a few months and can reply on Best-effort No Guarantee basis ONLY: I Agree

  73. My d.o.b is 16/08/1981 birth place ranchi and birth time 3:00 am . I am facing a bad time jobless right now kindly give me proper help

  74. My d.o.b is 16/08/1981 birth place ranchi and birth time 3:00 am . I am facing a bad time jobless right now kindly give me proper help please help me

  75. Preferred Expert: Palmist
    Question and Basic Details: hey, i m repeat visitor and Love your site, requesting another prediction through your palmist.I have emailed high res pics and detail… I will contribute, Please reply asap. Many many thanks to you all!!!! Danielle, Sheffield
    Nakshatra Jyotisa may take a few months and can reply on Best-effort No Guarantee basis ONLY: I Agree

  76. Namaskaar pandit ji….I am not living a happy married life I am asking query from Gurgaon and time is 10:23 my no.is 4 my name is Sarika Bahl my Dob is 14 July 1987 Time of birth is 8 : 30 morning place of birth is Hisar Haryana…waiting for your reply
    Thank you

  77. hello

    I want to know by when will be married . I was told when Jupiter will come in fav position it will get me married . I dont know when will that be . Can you kindly check my horoscope & see my marriage prospects.

    new- delhi

  78. Hi i am having trouble in getting married. can you please help me to get rid of this problem. thanks
    d.ob: 24-10-1979 tob:21:45 pm pob :ambala (haryana,india)

  79. The proposal for my son has come. The details for my son and girl are given below:

    1. Son – Nitin Jain (nick name – vishu) – DOB: 10.12.1987 at 09.44 am at New Delhi
    2. Girl in question (nick name -Betto0) – DOB: 11.10.1988 at 16.15 hours (pm) at
    Shrirampur, Kolkatta

    The parents of girl want to meet first time on 10.12.2015 for marriage of their daughter.

    My question is :

    1. whether this date is good?
    2. How is this proposal for marriage? Should we accept or not?

    Number I thought was 240
    Time of question raised first time is 18.23 hours on 17.11.2015
    Present location is New Delhi – 75

    If you answer in time, that will be better for taking decision for me.

    Whatever possible, I will do for spreading your website etc.

  80. Name: Dharmesh Singh(Male)
    Time: 3:45 am
    Date: 19 aug 1992
    Place: Unnao(u.p.)
    Query: I want to know about my spouse? will i have love or arrange marriage?

  81. Hello Sir
    My Details are as follows :

    Name: Dharmesh Singh(Male)
    Time: 3:45 am
    Date: 19 aug 1992
    Place: Unnao(u.p.)
    Query: I want to know about my spouse? will i have love or arrange marriage?

  82. When will my visa issues be solved in United Kingdom? Will I get back with my ex-girlfriend as my visa is related to her.

    DOB: 25/12/1984
    Time: 08:27 am
    Place: Mumbai, india

  83. Dear Sir,
    my son Bishwaroop( d o b-15/02/1987 time of birth 08:30AM place BHOPAL(MP). He was working in TCS , in moon -sat dasha he went to england after resigning from tcs and did post graduation . as moon-sat period ended he came back to india since his visa expired. Though he is a mechanical engineer with post graduate degree he could not get good job. After lots of effort he got a job but not to his satisfaction. On 11 oct 15 he again left for germany for another post graduation. In this process lot of money have been spent.
    questions are This time can he after completion of studies get job and settle there?


    sincerely yours,

    Basav lal chakravarty

  84. Hi my name is Amit Bharti, date of birth is 16th September 1984. Time of birth is 10.00 am. Place of birth is Ludhiana. Please tell about my general horoscope and financial prospects. Thanks

  85. Hi my name is sridhar DOB: 17-08-1974. Time of Birth 2.45 AM. Place of birth is Bangalore. Please tell me about my marriage when it will happen. Thank you.

  86. Number : 15

    DOB: 11 Feb 1973
    Time: 13:10 PM [After noon 1:10:00 ]
    Place Jalgaon (Khandesh) , Maharashtra, India

    I am currently based in Pune, never married, unemployed since May 1 2009, living with parents who are now retired and in their 70s. I hope to be able get an insight into solving my personal issues & hence wish to learn more about Astrology one-on-one as suggested on your site

    Request you to guide me over email. awaiting you acceptance

    DoB 07-june-1992
    Place BAREILLY
    Time 08:06 PM

    sirji kya mujhe sarkari naukri milegi ki nahin aur agar milegi toh kab aur kis department mein……

    D.O.B. – 12/01/86
    TIME- 10.35 AM
    PLACE – KATNI (M.P.)


  89. Hello Sir,

    I have a question- We wanted to know when we would be blessed with a child.

    My DOB: 18th Apr 1982 Time:00-15am (midnight) Place: Kolkata Star:Sravana Rashi:Makara Lagna:Makara

    My husband’s details: DOB: 11th Dec 1978 Time:04-15am Star:Bharani Rashi: Mesha Place: Vellore,Tamil Nadu

    Please let us know when would be blessed with a child.


  90. I want to know when I will get married and will it be a love marriage or arranged marriage?

    DOB: 1 June 1989
    Time – 15:30 PM
    Place – Mumbai
    Gender – Male

  91. I want to know when I will get married?
    Will it be love or arranged?

    DOB – 1 June 1989
    Time – 15:30 PM
    Place – Mumbai
    Gender – Male

  92. i want to know what my true calling is in terms of career, currently in IT field?
    DOB: 09/09/1983
    Time : 07:15AM
    Place : Delhi

  93. Sir.
    Upto 2001 my business and Life was going smooth But slowly slowly I have to shut my business and sell my house. After that what i started leave me in debts. Currently i am helping my wife in tuition and meeting our expenses.
    Name= Sukhinder
    DOB = 29-09-1957
    Time = 5.30 Am
    Place- Firozpur Zhirka ( Haryana)
    Please advice. Thanks

  94. Its your gratefulness for affixing and giving out your blog with all of us ! It is very polished and proficient . I really appreciated it .

  95. Dear sir, i have sent you an email with my details as I am not comfortable sharing my details publicly. I hope its alright. thank you.

  96. Dear Sir,
    Please can you let me know about the education aspects especially in coming year and afterwards (im studying medicine in nepal right now and supposed to finish around march/april next year) ?
    Date of birth – 3 Jan 1992 , Time – 3.23 PM Place – Colombo, Sri Lanka , gender – female
    Thank you for your time.

  97. i am going through a very bas phase of life can you tell when will this phase end and can you give me my life analysis in my email
    dob 22/05/1987
    time 12:20 pm
    place amritsar

  98. Sir,

    Appreciate the efforts you are taking to reply to requests of so many.

    I would like to know when will I have my own house at Mumbai.

    When are the chances of change in job.

    My birth details

    Date of Birth – 17/Feb/1978, Time – 10:15 AM ( Morning), Place of Birth – Nagpur (Maharashtra).

    Thanks & regards

  99. Hello Sir,
    My DoB – 5/7/74, Time- 5.15 AM, place- Calcutta. I visited many astrologers but still didn’t get right answer and also any correct remedial measures. Currently my job is insecured, and i’m looking for a good job. when and how soon I will get a job. I have many attended many interviews well but still dint get any fruitful result. Could you please advice and suggest.


  100. Birth details
    new delhi

    namaskar My query is regarding my health , Iam having issues in my stomach & lower abdomein for last few months. I have even got all test done including a CT scan which can detect even minor issues but all test came fine . I want to know as per my horoscope is there any life threat desease or sergury coming up . will i survive this time . My life is very mch disturbed due to this health issues.. kindly chek

  101. I had several discussions with some good astrolgers in Pune
    and to date nobody could predict correctly regarding job change.
    Since last year they have predicted job change which has proved to be incorrect.
    In fact they have predicted that I have to leave Pune as either it would be
    overseas job or out of Pune within India

    Details :
    3rd April 1968 6.35 am Sangamner Maharashtra .

    Could you please check and predict when I can expect job change as
    current company may close down any time.
    Also job location and will there be travelling. Will there be any health

  102. Namaste,
    Utkal Tripathy
    I have completed my Engineering,having job offer but no joining.
    1)When will i do mba from reputed institutions?

  103. I would like to have full predictions for my sons T and S.
    DOB of T is Oct 29, 2010 at 4:22 pm @ Bridgeport Connecticut USA

    DOB of S is Nov 28, 2012 at 1:05 am @ Bridgeport Connecticut USA



  104. Guruji
    I want to become a civil servant but due to problems and difficult situation backhome i am unable toconcentrate on my studies and am suffering from great depression and tensiion.Our financial condition is not good and i am till now unemployed. Plz tell me whether i will be able to become a civil servant or not and by which year…plz.help me sir..my birth details are-
    Place-pune, maharashtra

    Other. Required details- place- delhi

    My. Chosen number-205

  105. I was born on 26th june, 1979 (Near Kolkata, west bengal), at 02:15 AM, before sunrise, so what’s my rashi and astrologically i was born on 25th june or 26th june

  106. Namaste Sir I am Manohar from Hyderabad. Could you please see my birth chart. I am having wavering mind and always fear of silly things… Please let me know.
    Time:11:29:00 AM
    DOB:05.01.1995(5thJanuary1995).. Thank You

  107. Namaste
    DOB 31/08/1986
    TOB 10:30 Am
    Place Bhuj- Kutch, Gujarat

    Question:- Is there MARRIAGE yog in my chart ? If so when will I get married and how will be my married life ?

    1. Namashkar KJO:

      We will be happy to help you. Yes in your horoscope you have marriage yog. Your natal chart indicates you will get married after October 2017. There are very high chance you get married with your friend.

      Wishing you good health and happiness,


  108. Hello

    I want to open my software company with two partners and want to know about bonding with partners and a word on which i can choose company name

    below are the details

    Pankaj :- dob – 9 june 1983 time :- 9.15 Pm , place:- bharatpur

    Manish :- 1 April 1988 time 10.45 am plce sikar

    Naveen :- 9 dec 1987 time 9.32 am place :- jaipur

  109. DOB:09-09-1998 @11.34 AM @ CHENNAI

  110. name – vinod s jain
    dob – 16 august 1979
    time – 6 . 15 am
    location – chennai – india
    mobile number – 91-94443-45252

    as i found in ur blog and i want you to read my horoscope , i request you to help me
    to decide should i do business or job and what kind of

  111. My DoB is 19-06-1986 , place : Bulandshahr (U.P) time 02:30 pm , I have wore panna dis year Jan as told by astrologer, my Sade Satti is going on, bt within few months I had a loss of 1.5 lac in property.i am facing trouble in job also, i am in same job for around six years and not able to find Good job and also inthis job the work environment is very bad. I am preparing to settle abroad and I am preparing from last 6 months on it, kindly check my kundli and advise me regarding my chance of settling abroad and wht upay I have to do as my Sade Satti is going on, I worship pepul tree on sat by lightning diya under it.i have removed PAnna yesterday As I received income tax notice yesterday, I got married 7 months back in case u require details of my wife her dob is 30-08-1991 place noida time of birth I am nt aware.

  112. dob is 19-06-1986 place Bulandshahr (U.P) time 02:30 pm, I was advised by teleastro astrologer that I must wear panna. I wore it in Jan this year after wearing it , I had a loss of 1.5 lacs in property which I booked and cancelled due to family problems.secondly I am facing lot of problems in job, I am looking to settle abroad and preparing for it from 6 months, yesterday I have removed panna and also I have started praying pepul tree on sat.

  113. My birth details are

    Date : 31st March 1961
    Time : 9 10 am
    Place : Yadgir

    By when will I get a job. Am jobless for a long time.



  114. Respected Sir,
    My DOB 23Nov1981, time 04:20 am place Rewa(M.P.)india
    I am an engineer and MBA-HR but I am unemployed, I do have deep interest in astrology and Palmistry . Will I eVr able to do a job . I should learn astrology and take it as a profession.

  115. My dob is 10-08-1987 and time 1.25 pm.my married life is in danger.plz advise what will be the fate and whether there is marital bliss in my life

  116. Dob 15.12.1988
    Time 09.54.12 am
    Name Harpreet Kaur
    Place of birth Ludhiana (punjab)
    Till date she is upset. Nither she has any career nor she settled after marriage
    What to know her future

  117. Hello Respected Sir,
    I am a woman who has been suffering a lot since the last 7-8 years and just when I think my problems are about to go, new one arises. I am an engineering student and its been more than 7 years and I still haven’t been able to clear my exams. This would now be my last chance to pass or else I won’t be an engineer. Not that I was a bad student, on the contrary I was a smart student in college but these days even though I want to study, something or the other happens that creates an obstacle from falling sick to family problems and I feel sleepy all day. My heath is degrading without any obvious reason and I have had panic attacks and was admitted even to the ICU. I fall sick without a real health condition and so does my family members. My parents also don’t share a very nice relationship. I am really scared of my future and even feel suicidal at times. That’s the height of depression. I very much believe that planets play a very important role in shaping who we are and how we plan our actions as well as how our future would be like. Please kindly let me know why I am suffering so much. My mom’s health is also very serious. Some Jyotish told me that I have kalsarpa dosh and need cat’s eye and gomed in silver bracelet. I don’t know how many carats and where to get pure gems because I have heard that these are very potent stones and if there are any abnormalities in the stone, it can destroy one. I don’t want to take the risk of destroying the already damaged person me. Please help me. I would be forever indebted and grateful for your generosity and kindness. My DOB is 27 May, 1990. Time is 13:30 PM. Place of birth is Chitwan, Nepal. Coordinates are 27.5291° N, 84.3542° E

  118. V.v.santhoshkumar, dob 19/1976,03:31am,gooty,andhra Pradesh.
    I tried several stone not found results,not happy. Worn diamond family problems. Financial problems, no growth kindly advise accurate stone. Guruji.

    1. Dear Santoshkumarji,

      We wouldn’t expect Diamond to work in the same way as other gemstones, birthstones in general for several reasons one of which is that is it usually too small due to the price and it shouldn’t and doesn’t touch the skin as well. Always wear the right gem at the right time.

      We can only recommend after properly analyzing your Natal + Divisional charts, Dashas and other aspects post-rectification. You have not mentioned your MONTH of Birth and is this time of birth accurate from your records?

      Wish you health and prosperity,
      Nakshatra Jyotisa

  119. Thank you Nakshatra Jyotisa
    I am so thankful and grateful for the Psychics and Astrologers here who gave me accurate predictions for the problems I had and give me wonderful solution and remedy, they made miracle in my life, Thank you once again for your great assistance.

  120. These people are very much compassionate. Ready to help people in need. They are committed to their work. Promptly they will advise.

  121. No one can be so accurate telling you in details than him, I mean who would tell you what exactly happened with your maternal uncle when you were a little kid. It was a mind-blowing hour with him that gave me in depth information about me that helped me shaping the direction of my future. Most importantly I have got some information about the future that proved as evidence of my own future plans. I would highly recommend to at least go get motivated and energetic when someone you don’t know helping validating your future plans.

  122. Feb 11, 1973 at 13:10 (PM) Place Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India currently based in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
    Query is regarding job and marriage. When will I get a job and when will I get married?
    You may reach me by email.

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