Rahu~Ketu | Moon’s North and South Nodes

I am sharing this brief but really insightful article from Marriane O’Hagan especially for all those people whose queries we couldn’t answer timely. Not just most of the times, but behind each question and problem of life you have an underlining root cause. Of course it is imbalance or lack of harmony but how do you understand the basic, essential problems easily without spending money on astrologers 🙂 Meditation is one answer and hopefully these few lines may help you figure out the root cause too. If you understand little bit of astrology just go and look at your North and South nodes in your birth-chart:

Traditionally the North Node shows the qualities that you have failed to develop in past lives (future karma) and the South Node shows the qualities that you have over-developed in past lives (past karma). The life task is to balance the North Node (sign and house) with the South Node (sign and house) otherwise you cannot reach your full potential. There is a purpose in every life. We have all lived many times and we will keep returning until we balance our karma. We are all accountable for our actions, and the forces of karma will play their hand until we learn. We all go through hardship and we all experience difficult lessons. We are all learning, growing and evolving to higher realms of understanding. It is only through hardship that we can learn. Life is a privilege not to be abused. You cannot rise above the separation of life until you learn to love and forgive, only then can you free yourself from the wheel of karma.

The sign and position of the Moon’s Nodes can help you to understand why you give so much with so little in return, why you suffer so much with so little understanding, why you love so much with little response.

Source http://marianneohagan.com/astrology/moon-s-nodes/

Nakshatra Jyotisa


2 thoughts on “Rahu~Ketu | Moon’s North and South Nodes

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