GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part 0]

Rule # ZERO

All systems of Vedic astrology must agree to prescribe any native the same SOUL GEM.

If this does not happen, the calculation is flawed.

If this does, nothing outshines the magic.

~ NJ: The Jewel Whisperer


Purpose of this post series is to provide right direction to beginners in Vedic astrology (Jyotisha Shastra) and aspirants of healing with Precious Gemstones (Nav-ratna, Rashi-ratna, Mani and Gem Therapy). Key to great interpretations and perfect gem selection is to crosscheck the results through hit and trial using multiple systems of ancient Indian astrology. When practiced perseveringly with pre-rectified data such as Ayanamsa (Precision of Equinox), time of birth and so on, the results are surprisingly accurate. With correct approach, one can tap into the power of gems and use it for one’s overall well-being. In this series, we will take into account various systems of astrology, as and when applicable, to better understand how to determine the most suitable gem for any given birth chart.

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In general, gems are mineral crystals found in raw form (known as Rough) at great depths and formed in long time under extreme temperature and pressure. Some gems can be organic though, such as pearls and corals found underwater. Formed exquisitely under such complex and rare circumstances, they also possess unique characteristics such as composition, clarity, hardness, refractive index and specific gravity. Gems can be tested and identified for their authenticity based on physical, chemical and optical properties in laboratories all around the world. Some gems take over 150 million years to form, and across civilizations and cultures, humans have struggled for thousands of years to find such valuable deposits of gems. The prices attached to gemstones are not just for the material itself, but also for the immense amount of hard work that goes into locating it and bringing it to its finished form. In terms of functionality, there can be no comparison between the nine precious gems and any other semi-precious stones.

According to Nakshatra Jyotisa, everything in the universe is a being, on an endless journey of its own. Everything is perfect and has a reason for being the way it is. If it were not, if would not have survived and existed. Just as Moon’s South Node shows where a native is coming from, the North Node reflects where he or she is destined to be. Everything is balancing itself through its own karmic account. If so, then why gems as a remedy and a remedy to what?  Life follows its karmic course and those who practice astrology can clearly see that during interpretations. If that is the case, the only thing one must do to be in harmony, is to take all measures to dilute the illusion of ‘I’. ‘I’ did such, and so such is the result; this is an illusion.

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What gems do is that they intensify the karmic effects and pacify the illusion of self, and hence, they magnify harmony with nature. In order to categorize and locate patterns, in Jyotisha Shastra, everything has a representation according to its basic element. Planets too have elements assigned to them, like everything else. Moreover, they are the most solid benchmarks to relate to ‘time’. Similarly, within practical reach of us humans gems are the most intense substances due to their almost timeless life cycle and properties. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the nine precious (natural) gemstones are, in a way, tiny clones or remains of the seven physical planets and energy repeaters of the two virtual planets. When harnessed properly, their energies can very well alter our state of mind and state of being.


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