GEM SERIES: Insights on SOUL-GEM Selection [Part II]

Rule # TWO

Do not undermine the basics.

It is all in the ‘energy’.

Precision precedes potency

The nine precious gems are Ruby (Manik) for Sun, Pearl (Moti) for Moon (Chandra), Red Coral (Moonga) for Mars (Mangal), Emerald (Panna) for Mercury (Buddha), Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) for Jupiter (Guru), Diamond (Heera) or White Sapphire (Safed Pukhraj) for Venus (Shukra), Blue Sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn (Shani), Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) for North Node of Moon (Rahu), and Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia) for South Node of Moon (Ketu). An understanding of basic elements and representations of all planets is necessary for gem analysis, such as Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, Benefic vs. Malefic, and Exaltation and Debilitation of planets with respect to sign placements. Whether a native can wear two gems simultaneously would depend upon the natural and functional (chart-specific) friendship or animosity (External Link: among the respective planets that such gems represent.

Figure 1 Source:

Similarly, planets determine which gem should occupy which finger and the placement and strength of a gem in the birth chart determines whether the native must wear it in left hand or the right one. There are various approaches in this regard such as the reverse pairing of solar vs. lunar limb and gems of respective natures. Another popular technique is to wear the potentially malefic gem as per the birth chart, or in its testing phase, in the left hand only. Mastery of these techniques comes with long-term real-life experience and with the deployment of (Karma) Desh (culture and location), Kaala (time and age), Patra (the native himself and his personal attributes) rule. The rule states that for each astrological interpretation and gem analysis, the astrologer must consider these three traits and based on these, they must decide which principles to apply and which to rule out. This is where the elements, energy and reverse engineering come into play and it renders astrological interpretations their constituent of ‘art’.

Figure 2 Source:×350.jpg

Suppose the native has their third Saturn Return in effect. One would be wise to exercise common knowledge with interpretation and before any recommendations because most definitely the native is elderly, the results would differ from first Saturn Return. Likewise, an experienced astrologer must crosscheck and refrain from recommending strong or potentially malefic gemstones to natives that exhibit sure signs of aggression. I have seen veteran astrologers reverse engineer and reconcile calculations based on observations of Desh, Kaala and Patra. Remember; better a weaker dose than the wrong one. Unless multiple systems have confirmed the accuracy, begin with testing the weaker gems even if the clients insist on potency. It is a very common practice in India to keep Blue Sapphire (External Link: under pillow for 3 nights or to tie it on arm in thick cloth for 3 days before actually putting it on. This is to ‘test’ with the quality of dreams or the incidents that follow during this testing period, and make sure the gem suits the bearer. Blue Sapphire is a gem with the properties of Saturn; a tremendously powerful gem that can yield very strong results.

With precious gem recommendations, potency follows precision.

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