Great Answer from BP Lama Jyotisa on Time of Birth:

Q: Dear Ms. Lama,If two people are born in the same location, at the same time down to the second, would their charts not be identical?

And if so, then how can Jyotish account for the differences in their lives?

A:According to the rules of time and space, only one person at one time can be born in single time-space location.

If two people are born very close to each other in time-space, such as twins born within minutes of each other, their lives are much more similar than people generally realize. In particular, their thoughts are very similar. As humans we tend to dramatize relatively small differences between us, but in reality when all factors conscious and unconscious are accounted for, the similarities between most peoples lives far outweigh the differences.

However, if birth times can be recorded with precision, even very small birth time differences are recognizable in the Jyotisha varga. For example, the Shastyamsha lagna changes every 15 seconds.

There have been ongoing discussions during the past 30 centuries as to when to measure the event of birth.

The discussion includes whether it could be measured at the moment of conception (perhaps for very conscious parents) or should it be counted from the moment when the cervix at the top of the birth canal is fully open and the mother gives her first laboring push, whether birth occurs at the baby’s first breath of Earth’s atmospheric air, or whether (as in some cultures) the child is not really “of the Earth” until their tiny feet touch the earth, which might not happen until their 12th month of life or even later.

I personally measure “time of birth” from the event of the baby’s first breath.

Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies,


BP Lama, Jyotisha

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2 thoughts on “Great Answer from BP Lama Jyotisa on Time of Birth:

  1. Mam,

    I absolutely trust astrology, but not so much astrologers, even the best of the best of all times.

    It is regarding a male born at midnight of around 12.05 am on June 2, 1951 in Mangalore (74E53, 12N52) with Jupiter as 11 and 2 lord in own house in 2, and Rahu in own house in Lagna. I predicted for him extremely rich life beginning from Jupiter Mahadasha from the beginning of 2010.

    Indeed changes occurred, but in diametrically opposite way. He became homeless from 2010 beginning, his wife and daughters cruelly disowned him, had to beg friends to whom he was a liberal patron before and siblings for daily foods and night shelter and committed suicide on May 18, 2016 by jumping to a river in Jupiter Mahadasha and Rahu in Gochara in 5 from his Mesha Rashi.

    It has shaken my confidence in astrology as a prediction tool. Any elucidation?


    Praveen Kumar

    August 20, 2016

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