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Amsha * Amshaka


Chakra chart

Sudarshana = Sudarshan (Hindi) = Su-darzana-amsha

“The Best View”

Three lagna =

  • Overlaid to display domain relationships

+ Janma kundali lagna

+ Chandra lagna

+ Surya lagna

One version of Sudarshamsha chakra in scripture = a wheel of Graha which spin around Shri Vishnu who is the center of the universe.

The theme in Jyotisha chart construction is similar, with the intent being to align several diverse views of graha distribution along one central axis.

How to Construct the Sudarshamsha chart Some Jyotisha computer software can generate the Sudarshamsha chart, but it is also easy to draw it with pencil by hand.

Use a Greek-style wheel chart sliced into 12 sections for 12 rashis. (See example below.) Make three nested charts all aligned at the lagna points. Top wheel = Surya lagna; center wheel = Chandra lagna; inner small wheel = janma lagna.

This practice is often very revealing because it is so visual.

  • If a domain is strong from the lagna of body, emotion, and reason (janma lagna, Chandra lagna, and Surya lagna) then matters of this domain will be compelling in the life of the native .
  • If a domain is strong from janma lagna but empty from Chandra lagna, then the domain is less compelling emotionally and will lack “juice” of emotional motivation to fully develop its potential.
  • Body, mind, and feelings should coordinate to bring full fruits.
Vocabulary for Sudarshana = Sudarahana-amsha


  • prefix meaning “to set in motion, beget, bring forth”


  • showing
  • seeing, looking at, observing, looking, noticing, observation, perception
  • knowing see; experiencing
  • exhibiting, teaching
  • Ocular perception; the eye-sight; the eye
  • inspection, examination
  • visiting; audience, meeting
  • Appearance, aspect, semblance
  • foreseeing
  • contemplating
  • Apprehension, judgment; discernment, understanding, intellect
  • intention
  • view, doctrine, philosophical system
  • The becoming visible or known, presence
  • Appearance (before the judge)
  • The being mentioned (in any authoritative text)
  • A vision, dream
  • colour
  • A mirror
  • A sacrifice

The corrective value of Su-darzana- amsha chart

It is easy to jump to conclusions if the janma lagna is given too much importance. (This is a practice issue in western astrology, where varga and comparative lagna are rarely used.)

  • Sudarzamsha charts are a helpful corrective against over-simplification and over-dependence on reading from the janma-lagna.
Example In the example below, note that there are remarkably strong concentrations of graha in Sudarzanamsha (Sudarshana) bhava-1, bhava-4, and bhava-7. The remaining kendra bhava-10 is also occupied by 2 strong graha.

Right away we know that this person might be nice (Meena Chandra) but definitely they have a strong character with fixed habits.

This generalization is helpful to set:

  • The tone of the reading, both to set expectations (this person will be interested in material results)
  • vocabulary (graha in all 4 kendra, using all 3 lagna, is oriented to structure and leadership.)

The minimum number of graha in any Sudarshamsha chakra = 2: Surya and Chandra.

This native has 4. Again, strong personality!

Re: career

Dashamsha + L-10, 10th navamsha, etc. are essential indicators of career. But a quick perusal of the Sudarzanamsha (Sudarashana) chakra chart gives the working Jyotisha an appropriate orientation before one plunges into the details of varga charts and relative domain lords.

Quick view of career: which Graha occupy the relative 10th-from Surya, Chandra, and janma lagna?

  • Clearly, 2 very strong and potentially auspicious career lords Surya and Guru do occupy 10th-from-janma lagna.
  • But what about 10th-from-Chandra, which signifies one’s psycho-intuitive view of oneself as a public symbol or leader? It is unoccupied. True, the bhava-Professor Guru is an auspicious benefic, but L-10 from Chandra occupies 8th-from-Chandra, not too helpful.
  • Furthermore, 10-from-Surya contains the wily and unpredictable Ketu. Ketu is really only helpful when Ketu is yuti with a benefic in the same domain.

So, the first sweep of this nativity might result in a general orientation toward career being adequately engaging for the native but not spectacularly high-respect. Despite good capability judged from lagna, both the rational and psycho-intuitive thrust toward high levels of public leadership seem to be lacking.

Of course his assessment could be trumped if some fabulous yoga is noted in subsequent inspection.

Sudarshamsha chakra chart is meant to be a bit of a first-pass, not a final judgment.

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