New NAKSHATRA (star-based) Readings Open from June 1, 2018


9 thoughts on “New NAKSHATRA (star-based) Readings Open from June 1, 2018

  1. Hello, I have a daughter…her name is Yatee.her date of birth is 10 April 2015 place of birth is gurugram and time of birth is 7:20 p.m….she has enlarged adenoids and due to that reason she gets frequent cold cough as well as fever.can you suggest something for her better health.i will be very thankful to you.

    1. Again you better to consult *********************************************************************************

  2. Hello,my name is Sarika of birth is 14 July 1987 time is 8:30a.m and place of birth is Hisar.i have hair problems from many years… premature greying,dandruff and hair fall.please suggest me something for this problem.

  3. My son, Mike, was born 30 August 1988, 11:30 am, Lima, Peru. I was told by astrologers in India that by the time he entered his Sun Mahadasha in September 2016 his life will make a big shift for good. The only change was that he came back from studying abroad. He´s doing nothing and living at home. No interest in anything, neither in working, studying or doing some project. Is this situation something to do with his planets and will it ever change? Will I have to raise him forever? I was told that he has planets showing good career and money in life. Were all those astrologers wrong?

  4. sir do for me one year prediction advice the cost

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