Transit of Jupiter in Cancer on 19th June 2014. Results for various Zodiac signs according to Vedic Astrology

Jupiter will move from the sign of Gemini to the sign of Cancer on 19th June 2014. Cancer is the sign where Jupiter gets exalted and has its best powers. This transit is special as Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer will be a great boon for the following Zodiac signs:

  1. Gemini – Jupiter will be in the 2nd
  2. Virgo – Jupiter will be in the 11th
  3. Scorpio – Jupiter will be in the 9th
  4. Capricorn – Jupiter will be in the 7th
  5. Pisces – Jupiter will be in the 5th

Jupiter represents higher knowledge, spirituality, priesthood, temples/church, teachers, research & scientists, lawyers & judges, children and knowledge of the sciences and astrology. Its color is yellow, metal gold, gem yellow sapphire and direction north – east.

Jupiter takes about one year to travel a sign.


This is a favorable transit for the working professionals as the chances of promotion and increase in salary shall be prominent for them. There may be growth in fixed and movable property as well. You might buy a house or land and vehicle. On home front you will feel happiness. A good transit for peace and security. Investment in real estate will be rewarding. Increase in confidence. This transit has to be handled with care or else, you will experience sorrows through relations, loss of money and false accusations. Should be careful while driving. Care for mother’s health.


Jupiter in Cancer is exalted. This is not a happy position and indicates wealthy, and learned, but all will be destroyed and one will be under debt. Death of brothers. Property litigations. No gain from brother. Some of you might even find love opportunities in foreign land. Increase your contacts in the immediate surroundings. Good time to study and undertake advanced training. Gain through writings and communications. Long distance travels are indicated. Do not commit to projects which you cannot fulfill. Loss of position and status. Change of residence.


One will gain money, happiness, wealth and respect. Gain through partnership, trade, profession, and industry and Govt. office. Defeat of enemies. Birth of a child. Gain of new position and status. Gain of spiritual level. A good period for investment and purchase of property. Gain of ancestral property and success in life. Chances of getting inherited property and land property transaction might be quite rewarding. It is a very good time for planning and conceiving a big project.  Comforts and pleasure is assured. Jupiter is bound to give your personality a new dimension. Problems will be solved and also your loan will be repaid. There might be a good job offer; hence temptation for change is likely. It is a good time for students. Meaningless argument and anger is to be avoided.

Visit to religious places. A very good news is on the way during this transit.


This is the beginning of a major cycle of growth and progress. Gain of new experience and a good time to learn something new. Do not exaggerate and do not be prejudiced or childish, which might bring unfavourable circumstances. Heavy expenses, unfavourable long journeys and increase in enemies will also be there during this transit. You can expect happiness and full of activity on the home and family front. If you will concentrate all your positive energies and shall focus on this area, you will definitely find the necessary determination to overcome any challenges that may come to you. Don’t try to change a job, unless you have a job offer in hand. Avoid any indulgence in serious love affairs rather concentrate on professional growth and integrity instead of involving in emotional issues.


Extravagant expenses, average profession. Sorrows through children. Loss of service. Speculations cause ruins. Difficulty over inheritance or fear of imprisonment. The benefits will not be there. Good for learning spiritual and religious knowledge. Fear, mental anguish, grief. Increased expenses and afflicted health. Take care for the health of parents.


Kingly status and comforts. Lucky and respected. Long life. Respect and gain through brothers. Generous, wealthy, comforts from conveyance and charitable. A native of power, rank and authority. You will be lucky enough to get the kind support of your close friends and relatives in reaching your goals. You will spend quality time and bring more intimacy in your personal life. The transit of Jupiter on your social network zone brings important changes in your love and social life. Child birth is expected from married couple. The right kind of communication and talk will be favorable to gaining favors. You might also see money coming from some of the passive sources of income from the property and past investments.


Professional and honorable journeys and gain through them, renown also through writings or other accomplishments. Intelligent and gain through brothers. Respect and authority from Govt.; comforts from new vehicle. The transit of planet Jupiter will ease some of your problems. Money flow will be normal. Better relationships with your family and friends. Good time for those in jobs. Chances of promotions and increments are likely. Enhancement in business, buying luxury goods and foreign travels are expected. Unemployed persons will find jobs. Health should be taken care of. You have to control your expenses on useless things. You will have an easygoing and progressive attitude in domestic and professional life. Personal power and independence will increase and you will do what pleases you most and you will do it in your way. Will be able to repay your debts.


The transit of Jupiter here indicates prosperity, enhanced prestige and respect from all quarters. Happiness all-round.  Increased income and gain of spiritual thinking. Opportunity for extensive and long travels. Gain of a big promotion in career. Religious awakening. Pleasure in foreign land, dutiful children who travel and give pleasure and learning to the native. Children may become scientists or explorers. A native of good conduct. However, Less comforts from wealth. Well versed in many trades and jobs. There is a good chance to create more harmony with family members and loved ones. Domestic life will be far happier than before, and there is a likelihood of some events of celebrations and marriage ceremonies in close family circle. Completion of education.


Wealthy and learned. Many enemies. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and is a ascendant lord. Proud, obstinate and a man of strong determination. Gain by legacies or estate, when afflicted, death of mother, loss of inherited property, disappointments over legacies and troubles in financial matters. A good time to request a bank loan and for starting a joint venture. This transit brings mixed effects on your family relationships. There may be disputes with your love partner but you will have to handle the situation by acting more mature and calming them down. You may be in conflict with one of the family members, and here you will have to be patient and strike a compromise. Wearisome traveling, accidents and wastage of money. Change of residence and scandal due to involvement with opposite sex.


Jupiter is exalted in this house. Marriage as a result of journeys, writings or to one of relatives. Comforts from brothers. Rank and authority through Govt. Capricorns will have to work hard to get what they want and give the work their priority. You must not take any shortcut to get your work done. Financially, you will be prosperous.

There will be job changes in store for some. These can be within the same organization or with a different one.

The wife will be faithful, learned and helpful. There will be greater cooperation between you and your love partner. And those who are married will have unconditional attachment to their spouse during this year. Those who are single they might find love soon. Also favourable period for partnership and contract. A very good transit.


Respect from native of authority but disliked by his superior friends among working people and those in army, navy or air service. This transit is good for health, personal growth, responsibility and at work place. Gain of a new job or a promotion is also there. If Jupiter is malefic, then there will be troubles from enemies, cousins and illness.

Family must be your important priority. Loved ones may suffer mood swings but you will have to keep your temper in control and handle the situation with maturity. This might be challenging but you will have to be patient and deal such issues in a gentle manner. You can help improve the situation by sorting out the differences. Chances of another job.


Your problems and sorrows will be decreased to great extent. You will be relaxed and happy at this stage. Since, Saturn is in the 8th house, you may not be completely relieved from negative effects until Nov 2014. Do not expect much. Do not buy properties at this time. Focus on children. Expenses will be increased. There will be small growth in your career or Business. Your financial conditions will get better day by day and you will meet success in almost all your monetary dealings. Creative potential will increase and so will personal growth and wisdom. Long distance travel is indicated and to some permanent settlement in a foreign land. Defeat of enemies and gain of family and also family reunion.

Pundit Arun Prakash…


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