2015: The year of Realization, Purpose and Meaning


Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2015 ! This year is the year of Eureka-moment for most people as they will find the meaning, the right life and will steer by a lifelong vision. In simple words, people will understand that their long held belief or vision of their quality of life will change for good. There will be a realization that it could be a dream come true if they focus on finding the meaning and are ready to change the way they steer through life just a little bit. Astrology is all about time and speed. What we look at as a rat-race could as well be experienced as a walk to remember in a beautiful park. Right time and balanced speed is important.

Some visitors ask why their Query has not yet been answered. The most common reasons are either a lack of meaning, wrong time of the question or an imbalance pace at which the person wants to experience his or her life. You may not use much help from Astrology if it does not boil down to a single quick question. If you had been wondering ‘When’, you will most likely wonder ‘Why’ this year.

At Nakshatra Jyotisa, we wish you say ‘now I get it’ and move ahead with confidence, smile and satisfaction.

Best Wishes,


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7 thoughts on “2015: The year of Realization, Purpose and Meaning

  1. Dear sir,
    I want to know when will I can live in my own well constructed house still I am living in rental house I have one property which was bought in 1971 can I construct it in this year? Waiting for reply my details
    Time— 12:00 pm
    Place— Solapur
    Date— 02/08/1955
    No— 48

  2. Dear sir,
    I want to know can I construct my property in this year which bought in 1971 after long fight in court my detail
    Time– 12:00 pm
    Place– Solapur
    Date— 02/08/1955

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