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There are several basic questions that may generally be answered if you know your “Janma Nakshatra or Birth Star”. However, please treat this only as a guideline. We recommend consulting professional KP astrologers for precise predictions.

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Nakshatra-Match-ScoreThe given table as image can be used to match horoscopes for marriages. You can click on the image to get a larger view.

This table is as given in Dr. B. V. Raman’s Muhurtha book. You can refer to the book for furthe details.

This table uses the Girl’s and Boy’s Birth Nakshatra (Also called the Janma Nakshatra or Moon’s Nakshatra).

Girl’s Rashi (Sign) and Nakshatra is taken as reference.  First find the Rashi and Nakshatra of the Girl and Boy. Then refer to 1st column in Table which is girl’s Rashi and Nakshatra (Each Rashi has 3 Nakshatra [2.25 exactly]) then see the corresponding column for Boy’s Rashi and Nakshatra. If the score is above 18 then further matching can be done with other details in the horoscope. This table can be used to filter at high level.

After charts pass the above criteria you use detailed matching from an able KP Astrologer.

Article: “Marriage Matching – Horoscopes Matching for Marriage”

“Marriage Compatibility is a complex matter.  Indian Astrology has prescribed several parameters to ensure whether the horoscopes of the Girl and the Boy are matching with each other.

The number of compatibility factors are generally called as 10, called Dasama Poruthams.

In addition to ensuring the compatibility factors in any two horoscopes of a Girl and a Boy, there are other factors in either or both the horoscopes that really influence any conclusion like Kalasthra Doshams, Sevvai Dosham (this is also part of the Kalasthra Dosham), Dasa Santhi and the general formation of the horoscopes and their respective prospects.

The following are the 10 compatibility factors between the Horoscopes of a Girl and the Boy, which is called Dasama Poruthams.  Though the Poruthams are described as Dasama Porutham (meaning 10 matching factors), actually there are 11 Poruthams that are considered for Horoscopes matching process.

1.    Nakshatra Porutham
2.    Raasi Porutham
3.    Gana Porutham
4.    Yoni Porutham
5.    Rajju Porutham
6.    Raasi Athipathi Porutham
7.    Mahendira Porutham
8.    Sthree Deerkka Porutham
9.    Vasiya Porutham
10.  Vedai Porutham

and the 11th Porutham is Naadi Porutham.

But, if the first 5 Poruthams are compatible, even if the other 6 Poruthams are not compatible, it can be well concluded that the horoscopes are matching – of course subject to other conditions being satisfactory.

While the Dasama Poruthams between the two horoscopes are explored, it is advisable that a general analysis is made in both the horoscopes.

First we have to rule out if there are any Doshams in both horoscopes.

If there is some Dosham in one horoscope, it should be ensured that similar – not necessarily exactly the same – Dosham prevails in the other horoscope also. If the Maangalya Sthanam in the Girl’s horoscope is impaired, it should be ensured that the Ayul Baavam in the Boy’s horoscope is enough strong.

If there is Sevvai Dosham in one horoscope, it should be ensured that the other horoscope is also having Sevvai Dosham.

Emotional bondage (Mana Porutham – in Tamil language) is the basis of a marriage.  This emotional bondage is established after the marriage in an arranged marriage.

In a love affair, this emotional bondage is first established and marriage takes place later.

Whether or not a Sevvai Dosham is capable of affecting the life of the couple, the psychological fear itself, if learnt later, will have its impact and make life miserable, since almost everybody is scared of Sevvai Dosham, whether or not we are aware its implications.

The process of horoscopes matching can be applied to arranged marriages.  It will be meaningless to apply the principles of horoscopes matching after a Girl and a Boy are involved in a love affair.

Of all the above 11 Poruthams, the first 5 Poruthams are considered important and the Poruthams from 6 to 11 are not considered to be significant in deciding a horoscopes matching.

Of course, some of the other 6 Poruthams are considered as standby or in other words  they are considered as satisfying the absence of the first 5 Poruthams.

The above considerations can be applied only if all or most of the other conditions are satisfied between both the Horoscope under consideration for matching.

The Nakshatra Porutham is considered as the basic fact in any horoscopes matching.  Even this can be compromised if the other matching parameters are overwhelmingly satisfactory.



In the normal course, horoscopes matching is a scale with which we measure the characteristics and prospects of the two horoscopes who are strangers or less known to each other.”

Source: Raajayogam

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