Welcome: Astrologers with several years of experience…

We welcome expert Astrologers with 20-25 years of experience to help with our research and queries.

Astrologers will be published on research reports and shall be recommended officially on our board.

Please submit your interest on Nakshatra.Jyotisa@gmail.com or post your complete contact details on the blog.



**(Indian Astrological systems are widely know to be a near-perfect / most scientific methods of prediction. Though Predictions depend on the Astrologer’s ability, Vedic, KP and Prashna or Horary methodologies are complex and driven by precise calculations of Nakshatra Lords and Sub-Lords (Nakshatrayansh) and much more. It is not guesswork and it can be different from purely intuition based Psychic Reading, although we don’t argue on the science and accuracy of other systems. There are set rules that need to be understood and practiced in Indian Astrology streams and systems. No practitioner can ‘guarantee’ accurate results and so visitors are encouraged to refer to KP readers and other reliable books, understand KP system, for instance, and practice to find for themselves the beauty of this ancient wisdom. Only those who are seriously interested in original calculative methodology are welcome, though over the time practitioners develop their own patterns and derive improved ways of analysis and style of conclusions – they are free to do so).


Post a Question with your Date, Time and Place of Birth (You can mention alternate contact to reach you). Anonymize for Privacy.

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