UPDATE: Only ask the most important question please !

Dear Visitors,

Please only ask the most important question you have. We will try to respond to as many visitors as possible over the email or phone. Please post on the blog for faster response.

We pray for you and your loved ones and wish you only the best !!




5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Only ask the most important question please !

  1. Sir when will I get married. The number came to my mind is 80. My date of birth is 01-02-1990.

  2. Saadar Pranaam Guruji,

    I am deeply stressed and in troubles. I am sincerely hoping that I will get some divine hep through you…
    1. My PhD seems unending…and frankly I feel no drive/interest towards it anymore…but this is almost suicidal for me professionally, as without a good quality thesis I will not have good journal publications and hence no good job………..but I just cant focus/concentrate on my studies……
    2. My husband is yet to get established…he is struggling as a real estate agent…and already has lots of financial debts and dues….
    3. I have been disowned by my parents as I married against their wish….but this is really painful…its been 5 years since I have seen my father…..he has not even seen his 4 yr grand-daughter…………

    My birth details are: 12th Jan. 1983, 10:00 am, Varanasi

    Guruji, I know I am not the best human being…as I am unable to think deeply/control my anger and impulses…but I always seek to be pious, worthy and good in life……Hence, I am looking forward to your reply for which I will be honestly grateful and obliged.

    Thank you,

  3. Will my health improve so that I can work again. When will this happen? date of birth August 6, 1959 1:02 a.m. Northern California, US. Thank you for considering my question. Kerri

  4. Our son has finished his Ph.D from a very good university, married with three children, but still struggling to settle down with some position in university or research organisation.Will appreciate to know about job situation. His date of birth 10th November 1979, place Leeds England exact time is not recorded but some time after 6.00pm. and midnight.

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