Birth Star: Nakshatra Characteristics

Before we talk about Birth Nakshatras (Stars), there’s a very interesting story behind the 28th Nakshatra that isn’t spoken of by most Modern Astrologers. It is Abhijit Nakshatra and the story goes like this:
In those Vedic Era, a constellation – Star named Abhijit was existing then. Abhijit nakshatra, an auspicious one was placed in-between Uthrashada and Shravan (in-between Uthiradam and Thiruvonam). And the Nakshatra Lord is said to be  Brahma. To achieve success in every act, persons used to start their activities on this day. During the Mahabharata time, Lord Sri Krishna came to know, that Dhuriyodhana is planning to start the War with Pancha-Pandavas on this auspicious day, combining with Amavasya & Abhijit Nakshatra!  On getting Dhuriyodhana’s plans and knowing his intentions, Abhijit Nakshatra was plucked from the stellar system, by the Lord Sri Krishna, to avoid misuse of this auspicious nakshatram during Kali Yuga. (Source: trsiyengar dot com)
Bearing in mind the 360 degrees of the elliptically structured zodiac, it can be divided into twelve houses with each house being equal to thirty degrees. With further subdivision of the same into twenty seven nakshatras or star constellation, each of the constellations occupies a magnitude of thirteen degrees and twenty minutes. Just as an individual takes birth under different rasis or zodiac signs governing the twelve houses, similarly the celestial presence of the twenty seven ‘nakshatras’ or birth star governs our birth. Lunar placement in natal or birth chart determines the birth star governing an individual.

Importance of Nakshatra

Since the constellation or nakshatra where moon finds its presence is known as the Janma Nakshatra and as moon influences the mental aspects of the native, nakshatra of the moon thus casts its indelible influence on moon. If one is born under Mars’s nakshatra, it is likely to influence the aspects governed by Mars such as marriage and younger siblings. With each nakshatra having a planetary lord, the placement of the same (planetary lord) determines the initial dasa or ‘phase’ in the horoscope of a native. Nakshatra lords also play an important role in determining the essential quality of a person besides helping to assess the focal points of his energy and ambition.

Nakshatra Names and Their Meanings

According to Vedic astrology, there are twenty seven nakshatras or birth stars inhabiting each of the twenty seven segments of the elliptical zodiac. The names of Nakshatras along with their meanings is given below.


  1. Ashwini – Horse-like-woman
  2. Bharani – Bearer-woman
  3. Krittika – Cutting womanImage
  4. Rohini – Red woman
  5. Mrigashirsha – Head of a deer
  6. Ardra – Moist One
  7. Punarvasu – Return of the Light
  8. Pushya – Nourishing
  9. Ashlesha – The embracer
  10. Magha – The great one
  11. Purva Phalguni – Former reddish one
  12. Uttara Phalguni – Latter reddish one
  13. Hasta – The hand
  14. Chitra – The bright one
  15. Swati – Sword or Independence
  16. Vishaka – Fork shaped (having branches)
  17. Anuradha – Disciple of divine spark
  18. Jyeshta – The eldest
  19. Moola – The root
  20. Purva Ashadha – Early Victory or The Undefeated
  21. Uttara Ashada – Latter Victory or latter Undefeated
  22. Shravana – Hearing
  23. Dhanistha – The richest one
  24. Shatabhisaa – Hundred healers
  25. Purva Bhadrapada – Former happy feet
  26. Uttara Bhadrapada – Latter happy feet
  27. Revati – The wealthy

Nakshatra compatibility

With Vedic astrology giving much insistence on compatibility factors of bride & bridegroom, thorough matching of the horoscope prior to marital settlement is generally called for. Apart from taking into consideration the sun sign, rasi or moon sign, and the point of ascendance; nakshatra based compatibility is also emphasized. Nakshatra centric matching also known as ‘koota- guna matching’ helps to pin point the relative merit and demerits of the concerned pair in respect of one another. In the realm of Nakshatra matching at least eighteen positive points are necessitated for a union to be termed as compatible. As far as the similar matching is concerned, usually the cross checking follows from the girl’s to that of the boy’s with vertical calculation along the same row.

Nakshatra and Rasi

With both Nakshatra and Rasi being an intrinsic part of the same elliptical zodiac, both are fundamentally related to one another. Logically speaking twelve segments of rasi or moon signs correspond to the twenty seven nakshatras or constellations present in the similar ellipse. Other way round one can say that with twelve rasis being equal to twenty seven nakshatras, each rasi is equal to two and quarter of nakshatra.

(Source Citation: Prokerala dot com)

There are 28 constellations known as Nakshatram or Nakshatra according Hindu system of astrology. Though total number is given as 28 stars, only 27 nakshatra or constellations are now in use. Each star is divided into 4 quarters. The Rasi or Sign is assigned with 30 degree each and totaling 12 houses to 360 degrees. Thus each sign is assigned with two full stars and a quarter, each quarter having 3 degree 20 minutes; thus 9 quarters equals to 30 degrees called one sign or house. From Aries to Pieces, twelve houses are allocated with 9 pada or 2 and a quarter star for each house. (27 stars x 4 quarters x 3 degrees & 20 minutes = 360 degrees  OR 27 nakshatram x 4 padam ^ 9 quarter each = 12 houses or signs).

To calculate in which pada or quarter a birth has taken place, one has to simply divide the Nakshatram or stars total hours and  find the birth time in which quarter it falls. In all the Indian Almanacs known as Panchangam, published in different languages from every state, you can find the total reminder nakshatra time of each day at the beginning which indicate the reminder time of a nakshatra after sunrise. Generally all stars are having more than sixty ghati or 24 + hours in length. Thus, in a day two nakshatra falling is quite usual. It might be a reminder part of earlier nakshatra at the time of sun rise and later next nakshatra to rule the rest of day and continue till next day.

One has to take into account of their local sun rise time and adjust the timing given in the Almanac accordingly to the desired location. For example, if the Sun rise time is 6 am for Chennai, and the Almanac or Panchangam might give the nakshatra of a particular day after sun rise as 3 hours and 30 minutes.  i.e. this timing is a reminder part of earlier day and the nakshatra is ruling till 9.30 am at Chennai. But the same may vary to Mumbai because of the sun rise time differs. So, if for same particular day Sun rise time is 6.45 am in Mumbai, then the nakshatra ruling time in Mumbai would be till 10.15 am.

You can calculate so on and so forth for any desired location; for overseas residents, they need convert these timings according to their local timing which might be plus or minus from GMT. There are numerous websites giving free time conversions for every time zone. So it would not be a very difficult to find out the exact time variations from the specific almanac or Panchangam. Click here to know how to read a Religious Almanac known as Panchangam. (Source: trsiyengar dot com)


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  1. I have been following KP astrology for last 10 to 12 months and I like the approach for doing the prediction. But I don’t think it is 100% accurate or more accurate than other systems of astrology (like parashari or vedic system etc). It is rather another way of doing the prediction, may be the method of doing the prediction is bit simpler (e.g. You don’t have to remember different yogas etc) . But it is still not accurate as it has been claimed by different practitioners of KP astrology. In my case I consulted Mr. Bala Subramaniam (son of Mr. Krishnamurti ) for doing prediction of my horoscope. In fact I took his service (quite hugely paid one) to do my birth rectification and then doing the prediction. And he tried twice and also tried Horary too but unfortunately he failed to give accurate predictions in both the occasions. I also tried other KP astrologers too but the result is same, they also failed in giving the accurate prediction.

  2. Sir, shall I get my horoscope ! as I am 51 y’s old,still a bachelor & unemployer after the great losses in several businesse like Rice , Civil contract works , as a realtor & mining ,iron scrapmediator and as a politician.Right now I have no way for my livelihood. If I will be suggested by you for a path of better future I will be thankful to you for ever. My D.O.B : 12-03-1964 T.O.B: 01-44 A.M. (approx) P.O.B.:Kasibugga,PALASA Rly.station,Srikakulam Dist(532222) Andhra pradesh. Lat:18-46N;Lon:84-25 E. If possible,kindly suggest me about my best future ,with gem stone or chanting of mantra & shanthi pooja. Thank you sir…..

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