Resolve this Interesting Question Chart : Native asks for the “Best Career” options.

Prashna Kundali for Career Astrologers

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4 thoughts on “Resolve this Interesting Question Chart : Native asks for the “Best Career” options.

    1. Ur career should in education field like teacher, professor, or can say like in finance mba. For accurate details of ur kundali, I can contact me on agnihotri***

  1. My DOB 25-06-1992, Time: 05.07 am.,place: tiruvalla ( kerala).
    I want to know when I will get a job. Should I get a govt job? If yes, when and in which department??. kindly reply all my career aspects..

  2. My DOB 25-06-1992, Time: 05.07 am.,place: tiruvalla ( kerala).
    I want to know when I will get a job. Should I get a govt job? If yes, when and in which department??. Sir kindly reply

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