*Interesting Reference Links ~ Various Authors*

  1. Rahu-Shukra Yuti | Rahu-Venus Conjunction | North-Node Of Moon Conjunct Venus (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  2. Rahu in 12th House | Rahu in Twelfth House | North-Node Of Moon in 12th House | North-Node of Moon in Twelfth House | Rahu Kundali Ke Dwadash Sthan / Vyaya Sthan me (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  3. Ketu-Guru Yuti | Ketu-Jupiter Conjunction | South-Node Of Moon Conjunct Jupiter | Jupiter Conjunct Ketu (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  4. Punarvasu Nakshatra – Punartham (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  5. Punarvasu Nakshatra – Punartham (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  6. Purva Ashadha Nakshatra – Poorva Ashadha Nakshatra – Purvasadha Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  7. Ashwini Nakshatra (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  8. Anuradha Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  9. Moola Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  10. Jyeshtha Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  11. Anuradha Nakshatra (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  12. Moola Nakshatra (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  13. Jyeshtha Nakshatra (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  14. Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (by AstroSharmistha)
  15. Purva Ashadha Nakshatra (by RahasyaVedicAstrology)
  16. Krittika Nakshatra (by IndianAstrology2000)
  17. Krittika Nakshatra (by Astrojyoti.com)
  18. Rohini Nakshatra (by India-Astrologer.com)
  19. Rohini Nakshatra (by AstrologyKRS.com)
  20. PurvaBhadrapada Nakshatra (by India-Astrologer.com)
  21. Shravana Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  22. Vishakha Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  23. Vishakha Nakshatra (by Biswarup Tarafder)
  24. Revathi Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  25. Rahu in Tula Rashi | North Node of Moon in Libra Sign (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  26. Ketu in Mesha Rashi | South Node of Moon in Aries Sign (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  27. *** Ratna Jyotisha | Importance of Gemstones in Astrology *** (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  28. Mangal Dwadasham Sthana | Mars in 12th House ~ Western Astrology ~ (by The Astro Codex)
  29. Surya Meena Rashi me | Sun in the Astrological Sign of Pisces ~ Western Astrology ~ (by The Astro Codex)
  30. South Node of Moon conjunct Mercury | Ketu Yuti Buddha (by AstrologyKRS.com)
  31. Saturn in Sixth House | Shani Shatrusthanam, Rogasthanam evam Shastha Bhava ~ Western Astrology ~ (by The Astro Codex)
  32. North Node in Fifth House | North Node in 5th House | Rahu Janma Kundali ke Pancham Sthan | Rahu Kundali ke Putra Sthan me ~ (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  33. *** Importance of Seva vs Puja *** (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  34. Moola Nakshatra – FEMALE NATIVES – PERSONALITY AND CHARACTER TRAITS – (by Indianastrologyhoroscope.com)
  35. Shani-Ketu Yuti | Saturn conjunct South Node of Moon | Saturn and Ketu conjunction in Vedic Astrology (by astrosamhita.com)
  36. Uttara-Ashadha Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  37. Swati Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  38. Swati Nakshatra (by KRS – Kapiel Raaj)
  39. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  40. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra (by Wantastro.blogspot.com)
  41. Mrigshira Nakshatra (by KRS – Kapiel Raaj)
  42. Mrigshira Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)
  43. Mrigshira Nakshatra (by Wantastro.blogspot.com)
  44. Krittika Nakshatra – Characteristics and the Year 2018 (by AstroSpeak)
  45. Krittika Nakshatra – Characteristics and the Year 2019 (by GaneshaSpeaks)
  46. Krittika Nakshatra – Generic (by Astrogle)
  47. Krittika Nakshatra (by Barbara Pijan Lama)

*** Note that we DO NOT claim any credits, whatsoever, for the material to which the referral links are published here. Proper credits are intended and given to the respective authors. All content published here may be copyright / intellectual property of the respective authors. It is only for reference / reading and it should not be copied / distributed without giving credit to them as above. Similarly, no liabilities entail us with regards to the accuracy, relevance, or reliability of any such content. We find it interesting and feel that astrology aspirants shall share our thoughts. Thank you, one and all! ***


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