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Pearl Energy Therapy: Healing with Energized Pearls


There’s a simple reason why Pearls optimally energized with specific Mantras and Energy based on Nakshatra Charan calculations have known to treat various ailments and emotional disturbances within a matter of few Mooncycles. It is because the cause for all of our lives’ problems lies in the emotional dis-balance and vibrational discord. There are 27 levels at which Nakshatra Jyotisa analyzes personal issues in people’s lives with specifically Nakshatra Charan level treated Pearls. It is a complex science that has proven to be magical for thousands of years in the history of mankind. There is a reason why raw Pearls or other precious/semi-precious Gemstones never work – it is because in the end they only enhance the ‘emotional and inner’ discord because they fail to ‘tune our souls to the right harmony’. Here’s what is said about Pearls in general.

Pearls are ruled by the Moon. Pearls are used to strengthen a weak Moon and can be worn if the Moon is well-placed in the birth chart. Pearls strengthen the mind, increase memory, and help control anger. Ownership of a good pearl brings wealth, children, popularity, fortune, fame, and freedom from disease and grief. Pearls can calm the nerves, free one from anxiety, lessen tension, and help with mental problems caused by too much heat in the brain and heart.

Pearl has many healing qualities associated with the lunar energy, both on a physical level as on a mental level. The pearl is the gemstone of the planet Moon and helps to overcome problems related to this planet. The formation of a pearl inside a pearl oyster is thought to occur because of the presence of foreign material inside the body of the oyster. To save itself from the undesired material the mollusk coats the object with layer after layer of nacre. It takes many years for a mollusk to produce a pearl of substantial size. The process through which the pearls are formed inside the body of the mollusk is very delicate, and a little disturbance at any stage of development of a pearl can influence its shape and luster. The finest pearl is that which has no foreign matter in its core. There is a common belief among Tantriks that when Swati Nakshatra rain comes to earth it produces pearl in pearl oysters. The mollusk is then said to open its mouth to receive the first raindrops. When these same raindrops fall into the mouth of a cobra, it produces venom. The same raindrops also produce camphor in the banana plant, go-lochan (go-rochan or calcium) when they fall in the horn of a cow, and bansh-lochan and bansh-mukta (or bamboo pearl) when they fall inside a bamboo shoot. Bansh-lochan is known as Calcium bamboana and is very much used in Ayurvedic medicines. The pearls thus produced by the raindrops of Swati Nakshatra are the finest and have no foreign matter in them.

Pearls are known to be obtained from eight sources:

1. Sky pearl

2. Cobra pearl

3. Bamboo pearl

4. Hog pearl

5. Elephantine pearl

6. Conch pearl

7. Fish pearl

8. Oyster pearl

A genuine pearl is supposed to have the following qualities:

1. Moonlike, shining white color

2. Perfectly round, globular shape and size

3. Compactness, which gives it a high specific gravity

4. Lustre, soft glamour, attractiveness, and brilliance of reflection

5. Smoothness, which gives an agreeable sensation to the eyes

6. Spotlessness and freedom from blemishes (dents, scratches, ridges) and impurities

There are 28 levels at which Nakshatra Jyotisa resolves personal issues in people’s lives with specifically treated Pearls. One who wears or possesses a Nakshatra treated pearl with all of the above-mentioned qualities enjoys good fortune and is blessed by the goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity), lives long and becomes sinless and obtains vitality and intelligence. He or she achieves high position by his wisdom and becomes famous.

A pearl with a yellow luster brings prosperity. Red-tinted pearls make one intelligent, shining white pearls bring fame, and a pearl with a bluish hue brings good fortune. A pearl devoid of luster, that is, dirty, broken, having no gleam of circulating water, black or copper colored, partly white and partly colored, irregular, odd in shape, having holes, dents, or spots is defective and should be avoided.

Some Flaws of Pearls

1. cracks or ridges – wearing of such a pearl is injurious to one’s health

2. wavy thin line on the surface -brings misfortune

3. dents – bring loss of wealth

4. a mole – like formation on the surface layer – brings sadness and disease

Pearl belongs to the Planet Moon, here are some aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Pearl:

A pearl should be bought on a Monday in the ascending moon cycle. Saturday may not be a good day. The pearl should be given to the jeweler on the same day and the ring should be constructed and polished on the same days (if needed) as mentioned above under the influence of the same nakshatras. It should be mounted in silver and the setting should be open-backed so that the pearl touches the skin of the finger. The best time to wear a pearl ring is evening, or when the Moon is rising.

Some aspects of the Medicinal Utility of Pearls Mukta Bhasm or Pearl Oxide provides strength and longevity. Together with Mukta Pishthi (pearl paste or powder), it is used for eye troubles, general debility, tuberculosis, chest troubles, weakness of heart, cough, low-grade fever, hiccups, illusions of ghosts or evil spirits, nosebleed, weakness of mind and urinary troubles, among others.

Chief Sources of Pearls are:

Gulf of Manar in Sri Lanka

The Persian Gulf

Bay of Bengal



Pearl [Mothi] – In raw form, it is a mild-cold-virgin Gem and it is the stone to enhance the powers of moon which in turns signifies mother, softness, generosity, charming eyes, steady mind, menses, infants, love, breasts, family family life, beauty, watery places and passions, conception and birth of child.

Afflicted moon causes worried mind, gloomy nature, indecisiveness, lack of mental power and instability in life. When afflicted, owing to Saturn it causes depression, inferiority complex, pessimism and disturbed married life. If afflicted by mars causes strong attraction to opposite sex, aggressive in acts, rashness and gives bad reputation. Afflicted moon causes eye troubles, throat troubles, dysentery, problems of menses in ladies and mental problems.

Though keeping a raw Pearl has been believed to remove the evil effects of moon and in turn it strengthens the mind force and enhance good sleep. It is also said that raw Pearl can help women with preserving their beauty and facial luster and that it develops good harmony between husband and wife. However, the truth is that a Pearl can never do much tangible good to any person unless it is treated, energized and Nakshatra-aligned precisely in combination with Nakshatra Energy to be able to resolve any personal issue within a number of moon-cycles based on the Nakshatra Charans (phases) and the birthchart or prashna kundali of the Native. It inspires love and faith between the two partners. It also gives good memory and helps to cure insomnia, eye diseases uterine problems, heart problems, T.B., constipation, hysteria etc.

Pearl in proper Nakshatra Charan Energy combinations may help to cure and fight diseases like:

Heart disease, anemia, kidney problem, diabetes, insomnia, insanity, asthma, eye trouble, hypertension, brain tumor, menstrual disorder and pancreatic problems. Professions which are benefited by wearing this stone of pearl are: Any business associated with arts, medicines, medicinal oils, perfumes, milk, oil, beverages, ship building, exports and important, vegetables and flowers are benefited by the gem pearl. Genuine Nakshatra treated Pearls may cost anywhere between $27 and $1000. The treatment of Pearl depends on individual chart of the Native and must be done under the supervision of an experienced KP astrologer for positive results. Nakshatra treated pearl are known to give positive results within a mooncycle depending on the Nakshatra Charan.

People associated with business like cinema, drama, agriculture, cloth, photo studio, sculpture, painting and writing can get quickest benefit after wearing a suitable pearl. People associated with aqua culture, geography, research, philosophy, sports, computers, hotels and jewellery can benefit from pearl stone.

Again people in music composition, law finance, involved in maintaining natural landscapes, swimming, water sports, music, dance, singing and film production can take advantage by wearing pearl.

Again people associated in manufacturing stationery, sports items, make up items will benefit from pearl. It should be studded in a silver ring and should be worn on Monday or Poorn-mashi that is on bright Fortnight day between 10 am to 11 am washed in milk or sacred water of Ganges in the ring finger in right hand. Its weight could be up to ten Ratti.



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