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★★★★★Awesome !!
Nakshatra Jyotish people are really humble, they gave me great guidance within 3 months as promised. Past and future Dasa prediction is truly what was suggested. For my family this proved a blessing, my business plan worked with more than satisfactory output. May God bless you all !

NK Prasad, Antwerp

★★★True Guidance
I consulted Vic and his report is straight to the point. Great reading, very helpful.

Cindy Ramprasaud, California

★★★★Very Valuable Predictions
Thanks a zillion, your predictions were valuable, I recommend everyone not to bother with any commercial astrologers, Nakshatra guys are working for good cause, they respect ancient knowledge and their reports are precise and meaningful. I requested learning material and received in mail, free of charge, Amazing forum..

J. Tyler, Ireland

★★★★★Knowledgeable, time-tested advisors
I met with Ruby bout 8 yrs ago and she used vedic or I guess some Jamini method for line of career, it is 100% correct and I am surprised it was not my career field that I thought, but now comparatively job is great. I am doing well and my family is happy too, I like your advice and simplicity, no fake promises; keep it up!

Rahul Kelkar, Mumbai

★★★★★Five star Rating from me
It was nice speaking with Ashok G for my kundli. As you predicted Jan’07 onward I will move abroad it was correct, time of my wedding was quoted a month earlier but we started the talks among our families around that time roughly and overall all details were right. I will donate happily and will request readings for my in-laws, please continue your free services and try answering faster.

Richa Goyal, Edmonton

★★★We support NJ 100%
The analysis done by Ash was one hundred percent true for me and my hubby and they did not charge us any money, no Gem or other upayas remedy were given only simple practical advice that we both followed for 3 years and from starting we have been feeling positive. We both recommend anyone who is facing issues please ask them your questions and support this website!!

Veronica Fernandez

★★★★★Great Readers!!
Definitely wait for at least few months before you get one-para simple reading in email body haha 😉 But these are GREAT Astrologers here on this blog! Thumbs up folks!!!!

Ryan-Nancy 🙂 from Canada

★★★★★Qualified Astrologers
Qualified astrologers, I am very satisfied with my birth chart reading and suggestions and recommend their team.

Kim Arthur, Singapore

★★★★★Dedicated, honest, straight-forward
I visited their old blogger site in 2006 and received surprising reading about 8 months after that and I met them next year. Very nice experience for most of my references, its awesome they are still doing free dedicated readings.

Rebecca Willams, Toronto

★★★★Right Advice
Your advice is correct about my college program, I referred my friends Dave and Henry and both of them were impressed by their birthchart analysis. Thanks ! !

Russell, Iowa

★★★★★Best holistic teaching method
Me and my sister we have been students at Nakshatra Jyotisa learning their key principles. We tried learning from some senior teachers at another Anusandhan center in Winnipeg but all our concepts have changed for the better. The teaching methodology focuses on the core basics of readings depending on the system but it is very simple and sensible.

Madhav & Shelly Jain, Winnipeg

★★★★I recommend this blog to everyone for readings
Ash thanks to you for the detailed reading last week, your skill is exceptional! We are visiting again with my cousin’s family in November and I give my best recommendation about you Sir.

Vilas R Sukumaran

★★★★★Support the blog
Bhaskar, I was upset due to long delay and so I posted remark on the blog. I apologize, I am happy with your prompt response and my birthchart analysis now. Please do try to respond faster we really appreciate and our support is with Nakshatra Jyotisa forever!

Tracy White, New Jersey

You are simply amazing, KUDOS!!!!

Roselyn D’souza, Calgary

★★★★Helpful and true reading
I am very grateful to your blog, I never went to psychic readers but with your blog I received life saving advice thrice in the last 5 years. God Bless you all !

Patrick D, Bangalore

★★★★Good Cause
I am learning KP system for last 2 years at Nakshatra Jyotisa. I only donated very reasonable amount for first 3 months and they didn’t accept money after that. I wish them very best and would request all visitors to take their advice and support the blog’s good cause. Teaching method is wonderful and Psychic Readers here are of world acclaim.

Kritika Sinha, Delhi NCR

It’s a blessing in disguise!

Krishna Murarie Shah, India

★★★★★Expert Psychic Readers
The blog has been helping us for years and I personally met their holistic approach expert last summer with my family, they accepted reasonable contribution & gave us one hour consultation. I can only tell about the senior astrologer, he is a genuine reader and has sound experience. They are scientific and won’t discuss negativity to make money. My mother is a huge fan and we think their suggestions are real…

Mandy and Sheena, Calgary Alberta

★★★Scientific calculations
Thank you so much Nakshatra, I was happily surprised by your brilliant calculations. I loved the exhaustive psychic reading and first time I find something more interesting than Chinese Astrology.. the nakshatra jyotisa study material is also so easy for astrology lovers!:)

Olivia Chao, Scarborough

★★★★Helpful team
What I like most about NJ is that the team is very helpful and they cooperate everytime I take a prediction especially the senior psychic readers are nice and cordial.. Besties..
Bhanwar Shekhawat, Delhi

★★★★★You are the best community of Psychics that I know of!
I am content with the time taken for a classic reading and really appreciate your efforts. Thanks!

Joyce B., London

★★★★★Life saving advice
Your advice was life-saving and I endorse your blog with all stars…..

Loveena M, Trinidad

★★★★Very Valuable Predictions
Thanks a zillion, your predictions were valuable, I recommend everyone not to bother with any commercial astrologers, Nakshatra guys are working for good cause, they respect ancient knowledge and their reports are precise and meaningful. I requested learning material and received in mail, free of charge, Amazing forum..

J. Tyler, Ireland

★★★★Thanks to Bhaskar at NJ
Bhaskar’s instant prediction gave me goosebumps he already knew what I was gonna ask! Astonishing!

Steve Genacus, Greece
★★★★★Unbelievably good
We need to tell you how good your Bhrigu readings were. We approached as skeptics and now we have no doubt in your predictive systems. The places and dates you mentioned were one hundred percent true, we are so grateful to nakshatra jyotisha for sharing your brilliant gifts of astrology and psychic readings. It is unbelievable! I don’t know how you wrote our past, present and future on that paper but now we have unfathomable faith in bhrigu and nadi shastras. Lots of love and may God bless you and your Jyotisha family.

Donna, Nicole and Garry Burlington ON
★★★★Bravo!! Great Job
Excellent, amazing… every single word opened my life like an open book, great job, love you guys!!!

Stacey, Netherlands
★★★★I am very happy to meet you
It was a pleasure meeting you. About my experience, it was nice. I like Indian Kundli Jyotish forecast and horoscope method very much. You cast and read my horoscope for about an hour and whatever you wrote to me makes a lot of sense. Regarding my shop you confirmed my doubt and I will follow your tips sincerely. I appreciate your help.

Pablo Diego, Maple ON


                                                              *Anonymous translations for clients’ privacy.


Below are some sample excerpts from holistic birth chart and Psychic readings, reports and replies/introduction to new learners and astrology students.


1. Subject: Detailed Analysis on Urgent basis and Condensed Astrology overview for new students who wish to begin the learning properly.

… You are welcome to avail our free consultation it may take few months or more due to queue and limited resources though. Urgent replies can be requested on contribution basis because we study your chart alone for 3 days and reply to you within 3-5 days. We can give you some basic suggestions to help out momentarily though:

If you are sure your Nakshatra is Sravana you can find a mark on face or a mole beneath left arm. Based on that Nakshatra you must be a modest and kind person and you confirm that in your query. You will find this same characteristic in Shravana (please do check the Pada too). Sravana trusts people, they would never hurt even the enemy if they justify their actions, they are good judges and those who borrow money from them won’t return it. The reason for loss in business would generally be too kind/easy nature that people take for granted. Remember being kind is good trait but “not always in business.” Any business that involves showing people the direction, connecting people, listening would suit Sravana natives. Focus on utilizing your social skills but if you do business you have to make ‘more than you invest’ at the end of the day. You have difficulty saying this straight; so just write it down clearly so people who want to come to not help you make money just get the message and bypass. Meditate and pay attention to sounds of nature. You will find more when you research your Nakshatra and Pada.

You can go online and check on Sravana Nakshatra on some reliable websites such as www.barbarapijan.com or research on your North Node of moon (Rahu) to help pinpoint career.

To get proper answer please get analyzed lagna, moon, navamsha and dashamsha (D-10 for career), Karakamsha as per JAMINI and thorough KP analysis. Please follow the instructions below. We need your TIME of birth to do the calculations. If exact time is not sure you can mention within 1-2 hours of approximated window.

About Learning Astrology, Jumpstart Condensed Program and Apprehensions

Regarding learning Astrology it is a continuous ongoing process. If you believe in the Solar System above and the Cellular system below within our bodies, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that everything connects to everything else. If you have not been into Astrology I wouldn’t advise paying anyone recurring fees because you will take your time to learn and it eventually you will not get the right approach.We can provide you a fast-track overview plus training on how to do thorough analysis (the essence of everything) along with the links to the key free resources that you should use. This will take only one sitting and we can discuss whether to use Skype/Screenshare etc. We do it on contribution basis and this will enable us to include your detailed analysis (Holistic approach using multiple systems) for one main question within 3-5 days.

The goal of this one-on-one session would be putting you in the right direction of self-learning. This is a unique learning approach and very condensed, to-the-point. After this you should gradually be able to get all the answers with open minded approach. You will understand how best to start learning and how to do an analysis using resources available for free, basics and general how-to’s.

For predictive, KP and advanced analysis further one-on-one sessions can be requested for similar contributions to the blog but once you start right you might not even need those…


2. Subject: General Analysis with Holistic approach for an MNC Professional

You are being served as promised and we appreciate your kind patience all along!

Nakshatra Jyotisa has a unique approach to personal counseling and we take in consideration several methods, Astrology being one of them. Hopefully, this analysis will help you realize your balance and harmony. At Nakshatra Jyotisa we stress upon practical remedial measures, some of which are mentioned here for your reading. Kindly double check the data mentioned in the attached report, if the date, time or the place of birth have an error, the report will not be accurate either.

The attached picture (refer Nodal analysis attachment) is abstract meaning that you will have to find meanings between the lines and beyond the words. For instance, fighting for your country may mean to you “paying attention to your original family values or basic cautions your elderly parents/grandparents made during early childhood, and there you will get the answer to your key problem.”


Stability in Work: Saturn and Rahu/Ketu transits through Karma-Sthanam are not favorable owing to nodal placements; but that’s not as frequent as Moons transits which would be the reason for that uneasy feeling / emotional state every now and then, every few weeks maybe lesser. Fourth house clearly shows aggression in inner-self, could be seen at home as opposed to the tenth house of work/social reputation, status, power and efforts where it is reflected passively or as boredom, in the form of unnecessary humiliation and frustration currently (and have been) in both regards.

Now, there are two types of people, ones who quickly react and move if they don’t like to do what they do. The others seemingly better poised, they keep working but erupt later like a volcano withe reducing interest and meaning in the work. Do you agree you are the latter type? My advice is instead of letting go of your performance day by day and then leave all of a sudden; “bend your vocation until it breaks and merges into your calling“. You will agree you see success in patches always and there’s no taste in the work after a while. But your plan should essentially be “Bandwidth Allocation”. You must not be passive, focus actively on what part of the job interests you most. Another strategy would be to pursue your interest on daily basis but not on the side. Rather treat that particular hobby or work is your main first opening hour of the day. Rest of the day will take care of itself. You will gradually move to your area of interest. Jobs will change, financial conditions will keep fluctuation but you are headed to the right direction if you pursue what interests you. Secondly, focusing on interesting things will make your transitions easier, smoother. You will naturally learn to let go of hard feelings. Everyone has troubles, it comes down to managing them well. You can move abroad to get more success. Getting involved in things that are seasonal, growth, health, leadership, research and other things that are eighth house related will eventually dictate your life-path.

Your early burst of success via taking a lot of burden is the reason for slower momentum more apparent along middle of your career. Go easy on that, take care of your body. Meaningful, Happy Relationships, Artistic interests, passion, love, creations and so on, whatever takes away the inner stress while doing good to your body, do that. You will see good results if you unload unnecessary burden of success. Realize that you naturally get the deserved respect and acknowledgement from peers, no need to over-exhaust or overdrive. At least once in a while, let go of the burden. If you still have the desire to keep climbing then distribute it and put your efforts in pursuing what brings more joy and less stress. Also, you need to build yourself to stand others’ lack of emotional responsiveness or reciprocation. You may face that vacuum from time to time but it’s not the end of the world. And your strength is that you can switch back to the systemic practicality and materialism that are in your constitution. Combinations in Chart show that you are hardworking, ambitious, dynamic, creative (or can ignite creative energy in others/show them how it should or could be done) yet cautious and have spikes in your creativity patterns. Currently, you may do some public-facing networking too. Don’t miss any opportunity of exercising the creative side of you in order to build the right path and get rewarded as well. Some practical remedies currently would be going on water diet whenever comfortable safely (get professional medical advice though) and keep weight under control. This will help you through the initial phases of next Dasha over next few years.

Regarding your last question about marriage, favorable yoga for wedding is this summer through to next winter ending. Yes, do look at the Mars position in your spouses chart, you are Manglik so Astrologically speaking you should prefer Manglik partner. You don’t need to wait and scrutinize until you find all the perfect permutations & combinations in your partner though. Follow the general gut feeling of what kind of energy you sense from the person and if it is positive overall, go ahead…

 All the best!

3. Subject: General Analysis for a Top Executive regarding career-transition

… Letting go of the private inner critic. Letting go of the part of yourself that secretly picks apart every outer experience. Beginning to become known as someone who has imagination and vision. Allowing yourself to have a career that champions the imagination. Becoming a filmmaker or actor. Realizing your need to get beyond doing household chores and into doing something idealistic and inspirational. Letting it be known that you’re a sensitive artistic type. Letting your compassion and gentleness form your reputation. Refusing to let nagging inner criticisms prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. No longer letting emotional security and the need for perfection prevent you from going after your dreams. Letting yourself mingle and merge with the world outside your door. Developing a public identity as a dreamer and a poet. Bringing your artistic vision to the outside world. Bringing your spiritual inspiration to the outside world. Letting go of any over-cautious health concerns that make you virtually home-bound.

(Source: Astrofix ~ Nodal Analysis)

From NJ’s analysis of Navamsha, Lagna, Karkamsha, KP Nakshatras and the Prashna Kundali created at the time of question to confirm results of these readings (did not include Moon chart in this analysis) here is a proper path you must follow: You have gift of imagination, superior bird’s eye view intelligence, Creative Communication. Profitable Realms would be related to Public facing/groups or Highly influential people and 9th house of Higher knowledge and Higher learning are connected. Don’t do too much but do quality stuff. Like don’t approach 30 people, approach that 1 person who is in the single most significant position; approach with a very high quality summary/ professional profile of yourself.
These are some other keywords: Research related works due to 8th, Government related due to Sun’s role, institution and remote locations related due to 12th.
So what does it mean to you practically in terms of career?

It’s a very Strategic approach that we suggest to jump start your life path full of Good-News! But try it seriously for at least a month, with full focus and NO calculations or apprehensions about whether it is right or true or not. You will get results 100%. And by the way, November this year onward you will start seeing the signs of beginning of your Golden period of life that will run pretty much until you are 64. Prominent changes by 2018 and you will see Jupiter’s great results. So start preparing to do what you really LOVE and care about, whatever gives the most happiness and contentment to you.

Start with TRAINING, MENTORING (through of Guest-visits / webinars) to enter into education industry. Tap your network. 1 step at a time. Think on next ONE thing only, who you are going to meet this weekend. Meet at least 2 new people every week, Venus showed as we were speaking over the phone, Prashana kundali-wise so Female mentor/student/professional contacts into education will guide your way in beginning. Start with Guest-Lectures on anything. It could be something as simple/innovative or interesting to you as “intuition in business/marketing” or something like that in a reputable Corporate or University environment do it for a few months and build a Crisp one page profile. Your contact points must be those in top positions in Government or Deans, international or corporate affairs and so on.

Concluding Suggestion: You can think of other creative ways to do similar things. Tactics may differ but keep focus on teaching, speaking, creativity, imagination path. You have not involved teaching as much until now so results will be dramatic once you start making it the center of your career. For example: you can gradually develop your own curriculum on “….<precise examples>”….contd.

4. Miscellaneous Excerpts from various visiting Astrologers:

… This native is like a king with full authority.He is a believer of ‘Satya Meva Jayate’.   He is very disciplined,organized and with growing age particularly now, after 35, he   becomes more and more mature having a very analytic mind and he takes any project all the way to finish position in a very responsible way.He should be more  creative if he is in his own business. He will be surrounded and helped by female colleagues (or in general) at his workplace. There will always be sudden changes in his love and relationships particularly with wife. He has to change his eating habits, as good diet is very essential part for him to  keep a good health. He should have digestion problems so taking care of health is  necessary to concentrate on work because from the age 35 onward he will be  more and more busy in his work as a new Saturn cycle going to start soon.

5. Subject: Analysis for an International Chef – BIRTH TIME RECTIFICATION, Horoscope Analysis, Gemstone Suggestion and Future Guidance for the year 2017 and 2018

… Your final Rectified Birth Time is **:42:** am based on our calculations and confirmed by event matching [with very minor differences].

Some points to consider: The ages of 15, 29, 37, 51, 63 and 75 are important for you. These years have some events that exhibit or enhance your creativity. Due to Ketu (South Node of Moon) in 10th House Karma Sthana, there is dissatisfaction in career and where such native may try to abandon high visibility or leadership roles. It gives some incoherence, inconsistence and lack of necessary professional diplomacy that some people may take advantage of. The parents due to Rahu’s influence on 4th House may have been quite ambitious people who craved for status and recognition, they were conventional in the sense of folk customs of homeland and desired establishment. Whereas, the native likes to invite exotics and foreigners into your homeland, he or she likes to be ‘open-minded’ and a little bit wandering in nature, loves to travel to distant lands, rather over the seas for that matter. Parents may also have had some different social class or foreign element in their cultural background. You may at times feel unfortunate or miserable and though there will be animosity against you at the workplace but; you will be admitted as quite intelligent with fertile mind, creative thoughts, religious and spiritual at heart and a man of substance, a person of ‘Originality’ which is almost rare around you!

If these seem to make sense, here is your birthchart analysis and what you may expect over the next two years and beyond: The Nakshatra or Birthstar of Shri **** ******* *** post Birth Time Rectification is Swati (‘Su-Aati’ {sanskrit} meaning Very good” name of associated Star Arcturus) and its Phase out of all four phases is the Fourth phase (Swati-4). Swati means purity or more precisely the first pure drop of rain characterizes this star-sign native. The word Swati in ancient Sanskrit language also means Sword that represents the talent, the sharpness, the strength as can be seen in the Swati Nakshtra natives. The 4th Pada or Phase spans from 16° 40′ – 20° 00′ Libra ruled by Venus in the Natal birthchart and it falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. However, the Nakshatra itself is ruled by Rahu. The Rahu-Venus influence together is a highly indulgent combination, which gives a strong urge for comfort and luxury and extreme love for good design or taste. This is the most flexible and adaptable amongst Swati Nakshatra’s padas, there is an emotional need to travel the world due to the Wind element (any health issues are also cause due to the Wind element disbalance refer Ayurveda remedies). Being the Pushkara Navamsa (9th Divisional Chart) Pada it promises success through hard work, flexibility and sociability. Planets here might seem delicate in their approach but are highly ‘service-orientated’ and hardworking. There are also attributes such as independence, spontaneity, complete freedom and ‘restless behavior’. Attracted to foreign cultures and to unusual personalities. Although the individuals are generally characterized by self confidence and immense knowledge that they possess yet there is always some kind of desperation in mind unless done proper remedies. There can be seen a love of show and pomp is seen when Rahu (North Node of Moon) is functioning through its materialistic aspect. Swati natives excellently appreciate the finer things in life and uphold a certain degree of sophistication in their dress, tastes, mannerisms and sense of fragrance. Swati falls in the achievement-oriented sign of Libra (Tula Zodiac) and in most cases the natives with a strong Swati in their charts have a stronger second half of life as compared to the first half in term of material achievements. Inability to stay at one place and some sort of restlessness of disposition and physique can be corrected using Natural Certified Vedic Gemstones (pure and not treated artificially) energized in accordance with your particular Nakshatra and its Charan.

On the flip side, the self-assurance and self-asserting is a common trait of your Nakshatra that may help you sail through tough tides of time. You can enhance others spiritual and creative energies. Independent kind of a person longing for even more independence, good at dealing in the marketplace of art where they do well with a particular creative expression, like emphasizing a laid-back lifestyle, but being over emotional their wealth and the strength in personal relationships can come and go quite easy. You have a preference for independent projects rather than departmental work groups freelance pay-for-work done rather than pay-for-loyalty salaried kind of arrangements.

On a good note though, in your particular chart you seem to be spiritual and learned, witty, wise and pleasant minded over all mainly because of your inherent good nature. Your spouse is intelligent due to Mercury’s placement of Navmansha chart. However, ‘restoring perfect relationships’ is becoming obsessive now and taking up all your energy due to your North Node of Moon (Rahu) in Natal Fourth House Libra – it also inflicts your Natal Venus. Unless you strengthen the main houses of your birth chart there can be persistent inner dissatisfaction in relationships both personal and professional.

To answer your question about period of Venus, it is a period of a lot of activity for you (Venus is in the Star of Moon with the Sub-Lord Mercury) – overall it can be seen as a period of Self-actualization (please read more on this aspect) for you and that’s always the best thing that can happen to a man. You will definitely travel and change the place, you can return to your native place or nearby. Even though you may doubt it, you will enjoy better social reputation than you imagine.

Though there is a mixed evidence of gain of house and vehicle but with gemstone remedy for Venus in the Venus period you will definitely see betterment and will achieve your hearts true desire. The reason for this is that we do not see a very strong and clear negation of owning conveyance and property in your chart and the transits will also play a role at that time. Venus is in the Nakshatra of Moon, activating the first, third and twelfth house meaning travel and change of residence in Venus Dasha. If you strongly desire to move to another place and open your business, the stars should allow you do that (Strengthen your Jupiter, Moon and Mars by wearing appropriate gemstones and perform relevant remedies).

Apart from Vimshottari Dasha system that indicates upcoming Venus dasha, currently, you are running Siddha Dasha [under Yogini Dasha system] of 7 years until December 2018 which is actually a favorable period to prepare for the upcoming Sankata Yogini Dasha of 8 years [December 2018 to December 2026]. You must avoid over-indulgence especially in the current period and the recommended remedies will help you do that. December 2018 onwards you will see increments in Wealth, fame and position but your health will need a lot of attention. Take remedies for stress management, stay away from aggression and take all safety measures at workplace and elsewhere from fire, theft and sharp objects. Your hardwork and dedication will pay off in this period. Just avoid bad company. Success in business agreements happens in this period but you will need remedies to keep your calm at all times.

From Astrological point of view, overall the years 2017 and 2018 are slightly challenging but this period will strengthen you as well. The 63rd year of age in your life will bring sudden luck to you. But wherever Saturn shows a combination in your chart you will face some difficulties in health, finance, emotions and unforeseen issues. Around mid-2017 and mid-2019 you will have to be cautious and live as simple as possible. Simply avoid anything complex and complicated. Limit your communication with anyone you are somehow unable to get along with for any reason. Luck or speculation related troubles, some issues with children and some trouble at work (Saturn’s transit over 5th House Scorpio, 5th House being 8th from 10th House) can be seen. Avoid taking unnecessary risks or going over-and-under the system by all means.

The attributes of being overly sensitive will show up in these two years but you will need to curb it with logic and reasoning. Saturn’s transit over the 6th house which will activate your 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses may give some emotional disturbance and some health issues. In a nutshell, you are required to avoid loans, litigation, unnecessary arguments and over indulgence of any kind during these two years (till January 2020 to be precise). Do regular physical exertion – this is also a remedy for Saturn’s ill effects.

Though your social and personal circle will expand during 2017 and 2018 but owing to the Rahu-Venus combination of your Nakshatra we would suggest making a hedge between you and the person in your circle that uses vulgar language often or are polluted in some way.

The house grouping combinations and 3, 9, 12 especially around July 2017 and August 2018 suggest overseas travel but change of job is suggested more strongly by Saturn’s Antardasha (Sub-Period) in 2018 second half….


… Please understand that the Planets and Stars at the time of your birth reveal your Karmic balance sheet in the Cosmos. Every day is a new day though, you can alter your future with your will power and sincere desire of heart – and this is also written in your star lines. As every action has some reaction, Remedies have their own importance if done properly. Precious gemstones for instance, due to their chemical constitution, energy and Astrological significance Vedic Gemstones are known to have powerful influence on a native. Yellow Sapphire is one of the most powerful and benefic among all Gems. Fortunately, it governs the “Good Luck” area of your chart. A high-grade Vedic Yellow Sapphire should help bring peace in conjugal path, good health and good fortune especially in your birthchart.

Jupiter is the Lord of 9th House in your Natal chart and 1st House or Ascendant in your 9th Divisional chart. Ninth house is called Pitru sthana (father), Bhagya sthana (prosperity and inherited properties), Dharma sthana (righteousness) and Poorva punya sthana (Good Luck from previous birth). Besides these important things, distant travels, foreign tours, higher education (graduation and above), retirement, spirituality and so on are seen from 9th House. Ascendant or Lagna, the 1st House is absolutely the most important of all, especially when in Navamsha or 9th Divisional Chart. From alternative system too Jupiter is the planet you must empower for your overall well-being….

6. Subject: Brief Analysis for an MNC Professional

… Favorable timing for Marriage: Your current running Dasha favors marriage but it will start picking influence from April 2017 and by Feb 2018 latest you should be married. Your Parinaya Yoga is triggered soon as you are 32. Read below regarding marriage:

Best Nakshatra to be considered for Marriage would be: Hasta, Ardra and Swati (all padas) respectively. Also highly compatible are: Punarvasu (Pada 1,2,3) and Uttara Phalguni (Pada 2,3,4).

Important tips: You should get girl’s chart checked by able astrologer thoroughly before finalizing. Any lack of stability that your chart indicates in terms of marriage could be nullified if girl’s chart is really sound.

You may wear decent quality Moonga/Coral, Pukhraj/Yellow Sapphire and Moti/Pearl Sawa Panch Ratti each. [Especially because these vedic gemstones align both with your Natal Birthchart, Navamsha chart that governs marriage/spouse; as well as with the upcoming dasha combination that is favorable for marriage, coincidentally + fortunately]

Regarding Career: Communication, Creativity (Research) and Competition/Motivation are the pillars of your career. Anything related with Mercury/Buddha will benefit you. You are ambitious and hardworking and starting the age 33 you should see rise in career if you wear proper gems and wear a Copper Coin in White thread in neck.

Do some other simple remedies around the time of marriage. For remedy of your current Yogini Dasha of Sankata from November 2014 to November 2022, you can pay homage to Sankata Devi of Banaras when possible. Vedic gemstones will help you during this period of confusion. Take your time and take intelligent decisions. Keep control over anger and focus on what you are passionate about in your day to day work as well as career. Recite the Mantra for Sankata Yogini Dasha…

7. Subject: Marriage and Love Compatibility (Horoscope Matchmaking) requested by Parents / Family of Natives

… Although overall the compatibility is below average but it could be passable given that both natives work toward some common passion in their day to day life. This could mean a common career or health goal.

Also, they will need to give each other some space and be understanding at times of conflict. Being Airy and Fiery moon signs they must avoid arguments at all costs so that maturity in their relationship grows with time.

The Nadi dosha is reduced though due to Jupiter’s aspects but do read below regarding Low Mangal Dosha remedies.

With regards to success of marriage ***** must take care during the Venus and Rahu Dasha periods and ******** must be prudent when under her Mercury and Rahu/Ketu Dasha periods according to ** system. These periods overlap after around 4 years into the marriage so do consult regarding remedial measures well before that time period; also visit your Ishta Dev/Devi in that dasha.

  • A Remedy for ***** would be to wear good quality Moti, Moonga and Pukhraj each Sawa Panch Ratti as suggested by our Vedic tradition. ******** must wear White Pukhraj, Panna and Neelam Sawa Panch Ratti  each in good quality.

[You might want to perform some basic remedies that you find possible among the below for low Mangal dosha: Kumbha Vivah, Vishnu Vivah and Ashwatha Vivah are the most popular remedies for Mangal Dosha. Ashwatha vivaha means the marriage with peepal or banana tree and cutting the tree after that. Kumbha Vivah, also called Ghata Vivaha, means marriage with a pot and breaking it after that. Remedies (can be performed after marriage): Keep Kesariya Ganapati (Orange coloured idol of Lord Ganesha) in worship room and worship. Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily. Mahamrityunjaya paath (recitation of Mahamrityunjaya mantra). Remedies (based on Lal Kitab, can be performed after marriage) Feed birds with something sweet, Keep ivory/Haathi Daant at home, Worship banyan tree with milk mixed with something sweet]

8. Subject: Reading and Remedy Recommendation for a specific question

We appreciate your patience and please accept our apology for some delay. There are 37 different charts to be read and we focus more on the accuracy than speed of delivery, hope you will understand J

Reading Your focus currently should be on health and mental peace – this will make sense towards end of this year when the ongoing dasha bhukti (planetary sub-period) changes. Placements in your chart reflect persistent passive stress and that needs to be managed wisely. Getting out of your own mental constraints is your key challenge in this incarnation, there’s nothing that’s stopping you really and still it’s too much of weight/constraint on fulfillment of dreams and desires. The movement is restricted, not physically, but emotionally. If your energies are balanced subtly, you will feel the gush of enthusiasm, regardless of your physical location. Something like that must have been felt momentarily around the second and twenty sixth year of your life (for you and/or your connected ones).

Remedy At this time a very specific Red Coral and Pearl (mild) must be worn, in exact specifications and at a particular day & time. This remedy will balance your energies and you will feel the difference within first three cycles of 21 days. Gem remedies are extremely powerful so you should read about gems to know more. Attached is a snapshot of the functionality. When things are much more clear and your gems have suited you, you can go for a recommended Yellow Sapphire. All these gems will impact different areas of life positively.

On a positive note, you have been through the turbulent part of your journey already. Precisely, you are cruising just over the juncture, to the more peaceful times (peaceful in spiritual sense, not meaning ‘quiet’ – there will be lots of activity). Within the next one – one and a half year’s time, you have strong indication of a very important long distance journey. It may mean a transcendental experience beyond only a physical journey. Provided your energies are balanced with remedy, such journey will impact the next phase of your life extremely positively.

The time of your visit to us is opportune and it was destined. The current period in your life is a turning point – not to expect any sudden material gains of any kind yet, though you will feel that you are switching gears in terms of priorities in life, mental awareness, a subtle feeling of stability will start to appear in your life. You will become more and more balanced and grounded in the years to come. Not only that, you will gradually become more relaxed / poised internally.

A distinct spiritual discipline will form in your life. The future you is a person that starts noticing the small pleasures of life and one that takes it easy, in a mature sense. You will be more content in general.

Some changes in relationships is most definite, you will also need to manage you finances as well with a long-term vision. Put twice as much as you plan to, into long-term savings, after that is done, you can utilize the remainder of your earnings. Prioritize your savings, this is your golden time to start doing it and you will look back at it as a blessing in disguise.
There is a concept around Saturn and Moon based on the systems that we follow – it depicts the native’s transition from on phase of life into another, the period lasts roughly seven and a half years. There are some challenges (in your charts it does reflect some changes in work i.e. competitive realm, long-term partnerships, debts and health) but it all means LEARNING and re-alignment of soul’s direction. This period has just begun for you (native starts to feel a strong yearning for one’s ultimate calling, but there can be some sudden obsessive fits followed by slight depression – it just needs good regulation / management); and this is another reason you must perform proper gem therapy.
Answers Will I be able to travel the world and work from anywhere in the world and which way is the better way to go about it?
From what I see, I can almost guarantee long distance travels throughout life, only that you will start to feel more and more stable gradually.
You will work from the “comfort of home” in distant lands but bend the job until it breaks, bit by bit  because eventually it would be more of entrepreneurial, freelance, artistic (creative self-expression) nature. Look out for opportunities from higher authorities / Govt. and very large sized organizations.
Few last things: You will find fortune in foreign lands. Keeping a control on expenses is advisable; expenses don’t have to be directly proportionate to living your life, necessarily – instead focus on creative self-expression!
It doesn’t cost as much and the quality of fulfillment you experience is incredible.

“Om Namah Shivay



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  1. I want to know the best gemstone for me and my wife and can you please ship it to me in ring, I can provide the size of ring.

  2. Will I get my job permanent?will my son get good health?
    My date of birth 11-06-1980 at 10.50am at rajahmundry,ap,India.

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