Learn Ultimate Predictive Technique (Based on Multiple Systems)

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Learn the Science of Prediction

Fast-track Crash Course on Predictive Career Astrology




  predict my past present and future

bhrigu jyotish anusandhan kendra

best astro guidance

“Everything is connected to everything else”




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Sell / purchase and recommendation of gemstones or other remedial artifacts: Recommendations of astrological remedies such as gems, yantras and mantras etc. are often made by diligent study of your birth-chart and due exercise of Consultant’s prudence and judgments. In no event Consultant is responsible for any claims for negative or no functioning of prescribed remedy. Individuals are expected to do such remedies at their own free will and without any coercion or duress. Consultant does NOT offer any assurance, guarantee or warranty whatsoever with regards to item’s quality, price, availability, source, durability, market value, resale, usage, functionality, so on and so forth. Any gem, yantras, and mantras once purchased shall not be returned or no money refunded for any reason whatsoever. Under no circumstances will the Consultant or his partners, relatives, friends, subordinates and so on, be liable for any lost profits, lost opportunity or any indirect, consequential, incidental special, punitive, or exemplary damages occurring and regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise. You acknowledge that in any event neither you nor anyone on behalf of you shall at any given point of time hold Consultant responsible for any loss and shall never bring any law suit or attempt to pursue any legal or other proceedings whatsoever for any reason against Consultant or his partners, relatives, friends, subordinates and so on.

23 thoughts on “Learn Ultimate Predictive Technique (Based on Multiple Systems)

  1. 14/12/1986, New Delhi, B/w 04:30-04:45 AM.
    I have always challenged the science of prediction and have secretly wished to be proven wrong. Can you predict a few things about me and make me believe in this science.

  2. I am Sandip from Goa. My brother left home after arguments with father on 1st Oct.2014 at 08:45 AM. no one have Idea that where is he went? Will he return home? when will he return? His Birth date:19 Jan.1986. birth place: Shevgaon, Maharashtra. Birth time 03:45 AM. Please help me to search him.

  3. b.dash.
    29th nov,2014
    my d.o.b.-17-5-59 at 10-37p.m.in bhubaneswar,odisha,india,
    plz.suggst simple astrological remedy to get relief from my present health problems .

  4. Date of Birth 06/11/1969 at AGRA (UP), Time 17:05hrs. what About my business and receipt of wealth, as facing tuf time. Irritation, Anger and lack of Money keeping frustration. Advice the future situation.

  5. my dob is 9 march 1968 time: 00.14 am
    jamnagar gujarat
    about my business and money crises veri big trouble pls predict about it

  6. Dear sir

    My date of birth is 26 march 1985. 3:45 am

    When will be i get married also iam confused shall i go for my own choice or parents choice of selection for girl

    Sumeshwar singh



    MY SON’S DOB DETAILS: 18/5/2012,3.36 PM ,KOLKATA

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