25% OFF on Select Astro-Gems from Nahrri.com


Get 25% discount directly from the best manufacturer and preferred wholesale supplier. Email customer@nahrri.com to get your coupon code. Limited offer. *To find which one suits you best, reply with your Date, Time, and Place of Birth.

Remember, by ordering here, not only do you get the best deal direct from supplier, but also you will support the ongoing Pro Bono services by our blog!

  1. RUBY (2.70 carats
  2. BLUE SAPPHIRE (4.05 carats)
  3. CAT’S EYE (7.50 carats)
  4. CAT’S EYE (9.10 carats)
  5. SOUTH SEA PEARL (5.10 carats)
  6. SOUTH SEA PEARL (3.20 carats)
  7. SOUTH SEA PEARL (5.25 carats)
  8. SOUTH SEA PEARL (9.60 carats)
  9. SOUTH SEA PEARL (16.10 carats)
  10. RED CORAL (4.18 carats)
  11. RUBY (3.56 carats)
  12. BLUE SAPPHIRE (3.10 carats)
  13. YELLOW SAPPHIRE (4.08 carats)

*Disclaimer: We can only recommend the best gems that suit you, in our opinion. Your transaction will directly be with the supplier as we try to keep our focus on the readings alone.

Post a Question with your Date, Time and Place of Birth (You can mention alternate contact to reach you). Anonymize for Privacy.

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