Keen and Dedicated Astrologers welcome for discussion board at NAKSHATRA JYOTISA !!!

KP Astrologers with over 15 years of experience and high predictive accuracy are welcome for discussions on Nakshatra Jyotisa.

Please send your full background details in astrology and any information that you feel should help us engage.

Please Note: The first goals of Nakshatra Jyotisa are only to research and to add value to people who have faith in Astrology. We put equal importance on KP and Vedic Astrology.

We are NOT FOR PROFIT and any mention or reasonable contribution goes towards the basic expenses. Astrologers with commercial ambition may get disappointed.

God Bless



3 thoughts on “Keen and Dedicated Astrologers welcome for discussion board at NAKSHATRA JYOTISA !!!

  1. Sir, I visited your web site and got this chance from there to ask a question. I had a relationship with a girl. Actually, I can’t call it a relationship because she never told me that she loves me. But I was sure that she loved me. And based on this I proposed her but she told that she never loved me . and since then, we have no communication. But I still love her, in fact, so much that I have decided that if I’ll only marry her otherwise I’ll remain unmarried. Now please you tell me if I’ll marry her or remain happily unmarried. And please don’t take my decision as a ameture one. I am very serious about it. Please help.
    number i am selecting is 170.

    My name:not giving(read it from email id)
    d.ob.: 18/08/1991
    t.o.b:12:20 p.m. kolkata.

  2. My date of birth is:- 10th July, 1975.
    Time of birth is : 21:00 hours (9pm IST)
    Place of Birth : Calcutta (West Bengal)
    Day Of Birth : Thursday
    My question is : When will I get married?
    The number that i could think of is 166.

  3. Namaskar panditji,

    I am very dipressed a s I had lost my job 5 months back and till noe I am not able to get the job.It happens every time to me as when I got a job and within 6 months I have to leave the same from one or other reason. Pls panditji kindly tell me when did I get the job and how I will get the stability in my career?.
    31st aug 2012 ,11.11am time and 5 is the number

    My date of birth is 15th dec 1972 ,time 8.30 AM.



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