Apologies to all visitors due to technical difficulty

My dear visitors:

You have our sincere, deepest apologies for not being able to reply in time to some of the questions.

There goes a lot of calculation and work, if anyone among you is aware of how Krishnamurthy Padhyati works, you will know what that means. In order to make precise** predictions and the timing of event occurrence, the practitioner has to follow a complex process of calculations and it takes quite a while.

However, it is entirely my pleasure to be of assistance to you. You are requested to post your one important question on the blog. Only one question can be answered to a native due to lack of resources. With your kind support and patronage, I am sure Nakshatra Jyotisa will soon be able to serve you better.

We again apologize personally for the delay and inconvenience caused to you. And hope in future, we can be of better assistance. Wishing you health and happiness…..

God Bless you all,



**(KP is widely know to be a near-perfect / most scientific method of prediction known to mankind by far. Though Predictions depend on the Astrologer’s ability, KP methodology is complex and driven by precise calculations of Nakshatra Lords and Sub-Lords (Nakshatrayansh). It is not an Art of Guesswork and it is different from purely intuition based Psychic Reading. There are set rules that need to be understood and practiced. No practitioner can guarantee 100% accurate results but visitors are encouraged to refer to KP readers and other reliable books, understand the system and practice to find for themselves the beauty of this ancient wisdom)

5 thoughts on “Apologies to all visitors due to technical difficulty

  1. On Sat, Nov 5, 2011
    Time of question:4:20 pm
    Place: shimla, himachal pardesh

    Question:disputes in my married life will be solved or its divorce on my cards??

    number :254

  2. Thursday 08th December 2011.
    Place: toronto, On – 43° 38′ N/ 79° 23′ W.
    Time: 13:46 p.m
    Number: 200

    Question : When will I get my Canadian PR (permanent residency).

  3. HI

    My name is sushma Katakdaunde

    D.O.B is 27th April 1977

    Place Nagpur, Maharastra

    Time 4. 30 P.M

    N betweeen 1 to 249 is 30

    my intution from last 3 yrs i am going to win a mega million lottery by which i can help lots of needy people
    is this true and soppose is then when will this happen.

  4. Hi,
    My Name is Sobhabikash Behera
    D.O.B – 07 March 1984
    Place – Sambalpur, Odisha, India

    I am not sure about my d.o.b time but as per my parents that must be Morning around 7am.

    My question is – What is there in future for me ??

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