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Greetings and Blessings to all!

Astrology gives us an inspiration to have faith, shows us the right direction and a ray of hope. Over the years, I have realized that there’s much more to Astrology than rules, science and art – it is also about introspection, optimism, the right spirit & attitude towards our lives and what we come across each day.

My purpose for this blog is to offer genuine, methodical Astro Consultation to one and all, help people live meaningfully with great focus, vision and simplicity. The intention is to work towards the betterment of everyone. Based on the accuracy of the information provided by you, I shall be glad to do proper analysis of your issues and get back to you as shortly as possible. You all are most welcome to contribute and ask questions and to also share your knowledge of various branches of Astrology.

*Please ask ONLY ONE closed-ended question for quick response. Whatever is most important for you to know currently. The question should come to your mind spontaneously, so wait till that happens. When it does, note down that one question on a paper, note the Time, Date and Place (exact latitude/longitude – if available) when and where the query came to your mind. Note down one number that you can think of randomly (should NOT be your favorite or lucky number) between 1 to 249. Write it on the paper too. Email us  all these details and you will get the precise reply soon.

Wishing you health and happiness!

And Of Course, Great LUCK always!

God Bless!


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Nakshatra Jyotisa Kendra is an open community of knowledgeable Astrologers, Palmists and Psychic Readers and has been offering genuine guidance both online and offline. It is a dedicated group that also helps Astrologers and aspirants worldwide learn, research and develop great ancient science of predictive calculations as well as intuitive spectrum. Our community has been blessed with some of the best Nadi, Bhrigu and KP (Krishnamurthy Paddhyati) experts and these are some of the world’s most sophisticated systems of timestudy going beyond Planets and Nakshatras. Nakshatra Jyotisa Kendra gladly offers practical suggestions based on systematic cosmic calculations.

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114 thoughts on “Career Consultation from Professional Vedic and KP Astrologer

  1. Nakshatra Jyotisa

    Thanks for initiating the blog again. I spoke with Anandji and he really appreciated this accuracy. Please mail me the soft-copy as he needs it for records.

    Thanks again for your support…

    Prashant Shastri

    1. Date of Birth: 13/10/1987
      Time of Birth: 16:52 Hrs
      Place of Birth: Kolkata

      Contact: 9167781982

      Career Related Question
      I work in private firm. I am facing lot of issues in job changes. I am getting some calls but nothing is going proper. I want to try new things… Nothing is working well.

  2. Namashkaar Shastriji. I am happy it helped Aanand. Let me know if there’s anything else he’d like to know. I have sent him the soft-copy already.

    Appreciate your Faith.

    God Bless!

    Best regards
    Nakshatra Jyotisa

    1. name-nitish agarwal


      date of birth-27/6/1988

      time-1:22 am


      i want to know who is my ISHT DEV?

      whether i could make my parents proud of myself?

      please reply and help me! i w’ld be very gratyeful to you.thank u

    2. dear sir,
      my dob is 19/01/1977 time 22.25 place-bareilly u.p kindly advice some for business stoped want to do again i am doing a penny job sir

  3. Dear Godman,

    I really appreciate this idea of suggesting job as per the natural qualities these recuitment are working happily though some of them had to take a dip in their finances.
    will any way to see whether one should go for business of job ?

  4. Please do urgent research about my recovery of 3 room full of things and
    remarriage to virgin chaste girl with sons and no sepration or divorce in
    My number is one.

    To astrologer,

    I Elan Daniel is anxiously waiting for the results of my research about my
    horoscope as I would like to know whether I shall get back my jewellery and 3
    room full of things back from my ex-wife who has taken it for 5 years now. My
    date of birth is 13 feb 1969 at mumbai, India. I am having vishdhar kalsarpa
    yoga and sharpit yoga along with debilied mars in cancer in navamsha chart and
    many retrogade planets along with mars in 7 th house. Please do reply me
    whether I shall get back my things back and shall I have a virtious, modest
    virgin wife with long living sons and permanent happiness, or is there going to
    be quarrels and divorce again if I go for a second marriage and is there again
    imprisonment ruled in my horoscope as I was put falsely in jail 5 times .

    I am eagerly waiting your reply for 1 month now, please I beg of you to tell my
    exact future as I am the only child of my old mother who lives in India.


    I have Jupiter,Pluto,Ketu, and Uranus opposite Venus,Rahu and Saturn which is cosidered very bad by western astrology for relationships to last and mars opposite ascendant and Jupiter,Pluto,Ketu, and Uranus square moon which is placed in 8 th house and moon square to Venus,Rahu and Saturn which says that one should not go for a remarriage as there can be again a divorce with a eccentric and stubborn woman. My Mars and Neptune is square to sun in 10 th house. Thus the bad yogas have marred my entire horoscope with bad yogas and many square and opposition according to western and vedic astrology shall I have a happy and rich life with good obedient virgin girl with good virtues, who shall give me sons by artificial insemenation as I am the only son and my old mother is in India, shall a good chaste girl be there in the near future who shall look after me and my mother and no quarrels and divorce in future as I am living ina western society in Israel where thwere are only flirts and non virgins with a high divorce rate even after 40 years of marriage.

    You have two three independents issues raised in you mail needing clarity
    1.You are azospermic can not bear children on our own
    2.your wife married earlier now went away from you
    3.She took all valuables supposed to have been your personal possessions
    4.possibilities for re marriage and having good married life.
    If the above mentioned issues are of prime concern to you,then clarification are
    made out initially by casting a prashna lagna.The obeservations /suggestions
    are as under:
    1you have problems in your reproductive system as the sign raising is virgo
    chitta for which mars is the lord of nakshtra posited in along with mars in
    saturn’s kumbha/aquarius. Dispositor of this sign is in 12th in simha.A
    position that indicates problem in reproductive area.Venus karak for beej/sperm
    is with sun in 7th along with sun,Venus is in revathi of mercury’s
    nakshtra.This indicates some medical aid can fecilitate for having children
    despite your present condition.
    2.your deserted wife and now away from you shall create legal hurdles and also
    mangals aspect on 7th ,no chnace for your 2nd marraige sustainability for a
    long time relationship and having your children.
    possibily some lower category of woman may agree to get married with you.But she
    too will have medical problems and can bear child only after some medical
    treatment as seen from navamsa due to the aspect of satun,lord of 7th on 6th
    3.your possessions might be recovered partially as a compromse after long and
    time taking court hurdles.
    On several counts,the problems you are now encountering takes long time for
    resolution as dasalord jupiter as lord of 7th is posited in 5th in rahu-ketu
    Elan Daniel

  5. Dear Sir,

    “I am going through very low and depressing phase. Lost my job, my business has been shut down and my 5 year old relationship at its lowest. My parents suffering a lot because of me. Please advice when will i get job and get married? How would be my married life and future be? ”

    Name – Nyari
    DOB – 8th May 1978
    Time – 10:53am
    Place – Jamshedpur

    Please donot disclose my name place and time of birth

  6. Dear Sir,
    my self akanksha seth, my dob is 25 august 1981, pob is Orai (u.p.),tob is 3:00 pm, can u please have a look at my kundali and please tell me expected time of my marriage, and the profession of guy to whome i will get married, my parents are very much worried as they are not getting any suitable guy for me,
    i will be vry great full to u
    thanx and regards
    akanksha seth

  7. Sandeep K. Pawar.
    12:41:36 pm
    Number : 159

    Hon Sir,
    I am a property broker since june 2007.period till jan2008 was excellent.However since then there has been no success to me in any deal till jan 2010.This month two big deals have struck which increased my hopes to continue in the business.Should i continue with the property business?Also i am very keen to start an allied business.Will dairy faming(Milk production) and other animal husbandry projects like goat, rabbit, ostrich, pig, dog, poultry suit me?If not then what business field should i choose for allied business to my property work(if you permit to continue)?

  8. I was born 6/29/1977 in Grand Junction CO. Birth time 1644
    favorite number 7
    I’ve been married to a male, leo, for 12 years. I’ve fallen out of love with him and don’t wish to love him again. I’m in love with his friend
    who is pisces. I would do anything to get his attention. I’ve never felt this way before. He’s all I think about and lust over. I can’t be happy until I feel the same affection from him. I want him to fall in love with me. It seems like the more I say to him the more he tunes me out. I don’t know what to do to attract him. What should I do?

  9. Name : Salika
    Date of Birth : 05-11-82
    Place of Birth : Gujranwala, Pakistan
    Time of Birth : In eveining
    Faviroute number : 5
    I have been in a huge problem,i got married on 21 of jan 2009 but my husband he married to his ex-lover on 25 of july 2009,i have not told my parents,now his 2nd wife is planning to come to kuwait and i dont want her to be here can you plz tell me what is going to happen.i am very upset plz help me.

  10. I would like to know few points regarding my Kundli/life:
    1) When will next big change/bhagyodaya in my life, when will I get job ??
    2) Is there any chance for foreign travel in near future
    3) Will I able to fulfill my goals in life.
    4) I have one daughter (3 and half year), Will I have baby boy in near future (we are trying hard, but no success till date?
    Few quick points to better judge the situation:
    5) Currently Ketu Mahadasha and moon antardasha going on
    6) Saturn Sade Sati just ended last september. Suffered a lot last year. Really Saturn teaches a lot. Really Sani sade sati should be there between 20 to 30 age, it teaches really very good lessons for rest of life.
    7) Currently without Job. I was working at big MNC in mumbai one month back, but due to family reasons I finally settled in my native place Ahmedabad.
    8) There is a cold war like situation b/w me and my big brother, can’t understand the reasons!!!
    Personal detail:
    Name : Himanshu S Acharya Birth Date: 30/04/1982 Time: 07:22 AM Place: Anand (Gujarat)
    The Sun is in the 12th house, in Aries.The Moon is in the 3rd house, in Cancer.Mars is in the 5th house, in Virgo. Mercury is in the 1st house, in Taurus. (Lagna). Jupiter is in the 6th house, in Libra.Venus is in the 11th house, in Pisces. Saturn is in the 5th house, in Virgo. Rahu is in the 2nd house, in Gemini. Ketu is in the 8th house, in Sagittarius.

    Awaiting an early reply from your side.
    Thanks & very warm regards,
    Himanshu Acharya.

  11. Hello Dr. ji,

    I need help. I am planning for kids since 2 years. I want to know when is the best time for kids.

    my DOB:29-5-1973
    POB: Annavaram, AP
    TOB: 00:30am

    My wife’s DOB: 5-12-1978
    TOB: 3:15 AM

    Please do the needful.

  12. Dear Nakshatra,

    I am so far not settled in my professional career. Despite having an excellent academic record, I have not been able to establish any vocation for long time.

    Kindly analyze my 10th House prospects in Rasi and Dasamsa and in particular the effect of 10th lord Jupiter conjunct Sun in 6th House and express your valuable comments.

    Kindly suggest the type of Business that I can prospect with and whether Speculation suits me or not. Also suggest the timeline when I will permanently settle in my career.

    My Birth Details are as follows:
    Date Of Birth: 14/12/1983
    Place of Birth: Raniganj, West Bengal [87E08; 23N37]
    Time of Birth: 18:30 Hrs
    Lucky Number: 17

    Thanking you and waiting for your reply

    With Regards,
    Chandra Prakash Baid

  13. my dob 06/mar/1971 ,time 14:05 place basti(u.p.) suggest me what should i do for my better future? what gemstone suit me for career growth as well as financial growth.
    amar deep

  14. My birth details are 02.03.1975 , 04:42 am , Delhi

    I recently lost my father (on 14-10-2010)at the same time I am not satisfied with my proffessional life i am currently working with MNC in insurance sector since october 2007.However its not much a monetarily rewarding job and high level of stress is involved, moreover i have been trying to buy my own home efforts in that regard have also gone futile.Its been difficult past 3 years as far as proffessional front is concerned, kindly relate when this deadlock will end.

    When will there be elevation in career and when will there be material gains and when will my own a house


    Rohit Sikka

  15. i am not able to send email to here is my query. pleas help.


    My birth details – 26 november 1981. birth time – 2.20 a.m.
    favorite number – 9. place – blore

    problem – since 2008 having lots of problems in life. became depressed and quit job. stopped talking to mother because i think she did magic to make me leave job. (think she got me hypnotized by old lady. after that only i became depressed and left job.)she didn’t want me to go abroad which was my dream. she also telling me she will get me married and i should not have boyfriends but didn’t get me married and i am not meeting any good guy to be with. all i meet treat me badly.

    for past one year no job since i told my mother beginning of year that i will leave this house because she wants me to sit at home and look after her and not allowing me to get job and leave home or get married and leave home.

    can’t trust anyone. have no friends. even friends all left me.

    please tell me
    1. if it bad luck and bad horoscope causing this problem or is it black magic. is my mother really trying to harm me or am i wrong in thinking so.
    2. no good jobs coming. which profession should i stay in?

    am very depressed. please answer me urgently.

    thank you.

  16. My Time of birth: 9.44 p.m; Place: Madras, India;Date: 01.10.1971
    My husband’s details: Time: 5.30 p.m; Place: Madras, India; Date: 28.07.1968

    Our mariiage date: 29.10.2007; time: 6-7.30 a.m; Place: Madras

    favourite number: 32

    I am currently living away from my husband. When will I join him?



  17. my date of birth is 6th april 1983 place of birth vadodara (gujarat) time : 20:25 (IST). Latitude: 22° 19′ N Longitude: 73° 14′ E
    . when i will get married? how will be my married life? happy or unhappy? how will be nature of my wife? when will i get job in my city? right now i m doing job out of my city.

  18. hello Doctor,
    My name is Avneet. I was born in New Delhi at 3:35 pm on 21st august 1981. I moved to america after my marriage. My question to you is regarding my studies. I have a Bachelors degree from India, but I wanted to further my studies. Iam trying to get in a program of my choice since 2009 but no luck. Could you please tell me when can I get into it. Iam really depressed, and now its causing some friction between me and my husband’s relationship as well. PLEASE HELP!!!

  19. namasthe sir…

    i have come across your blog,while searching for astrology…..

    me and my boy loved each other,,planned to get married,,,after that,,his parents visited my house for marriage talks also…..

    his parents did not agree for our marriage,,,after that,,slowly,,,my boy also,,,changed and,,started hating me,,,and he had left me….

    i want to marry him,,i still love him….is it possible to marry him?

    my name D.OB.time

    deepika 26 april 1988,,,4:40 pm,,,yadgir,,gulbarga district,,karnataka…..

    my beloved guy name

    bharat kumar 4 may 1981 4:00 am,,,,place of birth- jeypore,,,in orissa….

    can you please tell me,,,can i marry him him through vashikaran…?

    thank you

  20. Hi,

    My name is SONA SHARMA
    DATE OF BIRTH- 10-04-1986
    BIRTH TIME – 12:30 PM

    I am in Melbourne (Australia) since last one year and have been struggling badly with my career and have not yet been able to get a job in my field even after doing M.Sc, M.Tech (computer science). I have been working with a consultant (without pay) for work experience for last 8 months; got several opportunities and interview calls, everything looks promising initially but something strange happens at last moment and ruins everything. Result is i am still jobless.

    I am hardworking and dedicated enough but loosing hope now.

    I am keen to do whatever it takes to get a good job in my own field. Please suggest when would i get a good job in my own field or shall i start looking for a different field. Please suggest any upay/remedies as well

  21. hi my self ajay kumar 18/4/1970,delhi,time:7:35:00 ques is on 13th of nov 2009 when rahu /ketu/ketu partner and i get seprated from one i have full registry of that flat in my name.problem is this in these almost 2 years i tried alot but not able to sell that flat even at loss of 1lakh of my cost.ineed money
    to pay my loan.what upay should i do plz help me.daily i get a bad news about that flat.plz help.


  22. shastriji,
    meri bitiya ka dob 26.12.1984 hai.time hai 11.39 hai mumbai. usne aise ladke se shaadi karne le liye court mein register kiya hai jiske liye hum blkul tyaar nahi hai. shaadi 11/july 2011 ko honi hai. plz bataye aage kya hoga.kya woh shaadi karne mein safal ho payegi.

    1. Dear Sara:

      I hope this finds you in Great Health and Good Fortune !

      I hope the circumstances have improved for you and life is treating you much better now. I owe you an answer so here I am. If you have any question feel free to ask now.

      Please follow the instructions to get a precise answer:

      1. Whenever that ONE “Most important question” that you need to know comes to your mind RANDOMLY, note it down on a paper. Write the full question with concentration, Wait till it appears randomly in your mind. We consider it as the Birth of the Question in the native’s conciousness and only then can we make a Horary Birthchart of that Question itself and give a precise prediction.

      2. Note down the exact TIME and DATE when the question came to your mind.

      3. Think of the Number between 1 to 249, that comes to your mind FIRST and RANDOMLY. Note it down under the question and time/date detail. (Do NOT choose a number by will, like your favorite number or lucky number)

      Send me these details and I will reply to you in detail. Again, you have my deepest apologies for not being able to help in time.

      Regards and God Bless,

    1. Hi Muniraju ji

      Kindly provide one close ended question and a number between 1 and 249. It should not be your lucky or favorite number. It should be the random number that comes to your mind at the time of writing the question. We will make the horary chart of the question and give precise reading.


  23. Sir

    rahu mahadasha has been extremely difficult so far
    Please advice when will i get married? How would be my married life and future be? ”

    DOB – 8th May 1978
    Time – 10:53am
    Place of birth – Jamshedpur

    number 121


  24. Sir, I sent you an email regarding a problem I am having. I hope you got it. I am letting know here, just in case !

    Thank you !

    1. Dear Yasara:

      Your case is in progress, requesting you to post it on the blog so one of our eminent Astrologers will pick it up. If you post your query with full details, you will surely get a reply from the respective Astrologer or Psychic Reader.

      To ensure your privacy, please do NOT mention your name or suchlike details. Just the question and date/time/place/Random Number detail will be sufficient.

      Wishing you great luck and betterment,


  25. Dear Sir,

    Problem : About entrance for public university
    I did my exam in 2010 August and passed with good results that is enough to enter for public university. Last December results were released and I was sure that I would be selected but in May this year the cut off marks were released and very unexpectedly, I lost the chance to enter because of their administrative faults and miscalculations.
    Since the past two and half months ( since before October ), I have been trying so hard to get a vacancy to enter the public uni. I was quite sure of it before, but it kept delaying and things got so complicated. So right now, I am having huge doubts.. I don’t know if I’ll still be able to enter the public uni or not.
    My parents think of sending me to a private uni in late Jan/Feb, if I do not get the chance to enter the public uni. But this is not as good as the public uni (from what I have heard). And there are some administrative problems going on with it. I am worried if it will affect my future education and studies.

    ~ Will I get the chance to enroll for public uni even though there are delays and all that? If so, around when ?
    If not, will this private uni be OK way for my education ?

    Birth Details

    Date of birth : 3rd January 1992
    Time of birth : 3.23 PM
    Place of birth: Colombo, Sri Lanka ( 79.86124 E, 6.92708 N)
    Gender : Female
    The number I thought of = 192

    This question I am having has been going through my mind for weeks and months since things started getting wrong and I don’t understand how to write an exact time and date to say when the problem came into my mind in case I am wrong. I can say I was under a huge stress for the past few weeks and months and it was doubled in Nov last week
    But definitely it was when I was at home ( 79.93333 E , 6.85000 N )

    Please help me in this matter Sir. This is extremely important.

  26. Will I have to go abroad in August for about 4.5 years for university education, or will I be able to continue my education without going abroad ?
    DOB = 3rd January 1992
    TOB = 3.23 PM
    POB = Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Number =123

  27. Name : Jeet
    DOB : 16 July 1992
    Time : 7.47 PM
    Place : Mumbai

    Number : 221

    Can i join politics ?? i want to serve community…..

  28. My date of birth is:- 10th July, 1975.
    Time of birth is : 21:00 hours (9pm IST)
    Place of Birth : Calcutta (West Bengal)
    Day Of Birth : Thursday
    My question is : When will I get married?
    This question appeared in my mind on 1st July,2003 at 1am.
    The number that i could think of is 166.

  29. Question: When will my brother get a job?
    Place : chennai
    Time: 9.15 AM
    The number i could think of is 87
    Brothers details

    His birth time is 2.30 AM on 14.7.1968 born in Chennai, Chetput, India
    Longitude 80:14:E
    Latitude 13:4:N

  30. name- rani, dob- 10 january 1985, tob- 09:04 am , pob- kanpur. when will i get married(love or arrange)? will i live a happy married life? tell me about my spouse?

  31. Question : – When my property litigations with my twin brother will be solved ? Since it is going for last 4 -5 years.
    Current Place – Pune, Maharashtra, India, Time – 16:57pm
    The number chosen is 141,
    My Details: DOB -17/08/1969, TOB- 21:10pm, POB – Pune, Maharashtra, India.
    Twin brother’s TOB – 21:00pm

  32. dear sir ,
    i really want ur guidance …..i deeply fell in love with a gal who is
    so younger than me ……i did not tell about my love to her because i
    want to reach my goal.

    please predict my about my career and my life partner
    thank u

    horary no: 132

    Name : Sugran
    Sex : Male
    Date of Birth : 14 / Jan / 1984
    Time of Birth : 04 : 00 AM
    LMT : 14/Jan/1984 03:47 AM
    GREEN MEAN Time : 13/Jan/1984 10:30 PM
    Time Zone : 5.5 E
    Birth County : India
    Birth City : Thanjavur
    Latitude : 10 N 47
    Longitude : 79 E 10

  33. Dear Sir,

    I am currently going through several problems, including health, lack of initative, inability to take decisions and put them into practice, isolation from friends and relatives, which I believe are due to my 12th house Jupiter and 6th house mercury and venus. Also I am told my saturn antardasha has just begun, which is likely to further create problems. My husband who is a Libran is already going through the 7.5 years sade sati phase of saturn. I have been advised by an astrologer friend to wear hessonite and emerald. She told me to do it as early as possible. Can you please tell me whether I should go ahead with them and whether there is a way out of my problems.

    my D.O.B. : 14th September, 1963
    Time: 9.23 p.m.

    Am also attaching a copy of K.P. horoscope which I downloaded from the internet.


    Mrs M k. Jain

  34. Respected Guruji, My Date Of Birth is 23/08/1959 from Bharuch – Gujarat, at 10=20 AM, MESH Rashi. My two sons having Birth Catract, elder son has no vision in Left eye,both sons operated and wearing heavy numbered glass. I work hard honestly. Why I am financially weak than my other junior staff members, relatives, etc. Is there any remedy to overcome ? I will be obliged to know if I can do some rituals to get my dreams come true. Regards, Devesh Bhatt (94275 38259) My name is not as per Rashi

  35. Respected Sir,

    name- JANA
    dob- 30/08/1976
    time- 8:30 pm
    place- bangalore

    I lost my existing job and I am know looking for a new job. I have applied to overseas location and wish to know my careers readings

    The number i could think of is 67

  36. Namaskar,

    My date of birth is 30 dec 1988.
    Time of birth is 7;55 a.m.
    Birth Place is Agra U.P.

    Their is getting hurdles in my marriage. I want to know potential
    marriage date and my post married life….

  37. Pranam,

    My name is Amrita sinha
    Dob : 6 9 1981
    Time 5 :15 pm
    Birth Place : Patna Bihar

    Residence : Bangalore

    My husband name is vikash chandra
    Dob 27 06 1980
    Time : 1:55 am
    Birth place chaibasa jharkhand
    Residence: bangalore

    Kindly suggest remedy so that we can live together peacefully.Kindly suggest some remedy so that I can lead a harmonious married life.Currently staying alone away from my husband from past one year. My career is also at a standstill not able to secure a job too.

    I have son who is born on 19 sep 2011 time 9 .39 am in bangalore.
    He is not talking Yet. Will he Ever Talk?Is he mentally challenged?

    I understand that i have raised multiple questions but my life is a living hell now.Although being educated not able to find a job which can sustain mine and my sons medical expenses

  38. Dear Sir,

    I lost my job Jan 2014 Still now i didn’t get any job I am searching vigorously but I couldn’t succeed, I am struggling for food.
    I have only one Small Kid, some of the astrologers are saying due to my daughter horoscope is the only reason for my jobless situation.

    My name : K.Saravanan
    DOB :28-10-1980
    Day: Tuesday
    Place: chennai ( madras)
    Raasi: Mithunnam ( gemeni)
    Nakshtra : Thiruvathirai (arudra)

    My Daughter Name: Poshika Sri
    DOB: 19.12.2011
    Time: 8.20 PM
    Place: Trichy
    Raasi: Kaani ( vigro)
    Naksahtra: Chitra Nakshatra

    Most of the astrologers said I will get the job sure after this guru peyarchi but After guru peuyarchi only my situtation goes very very bad cant have money to feed my kid.

    Please Please analyse and let me know when can i get the job where can I get,

    Looking forward to hear form you ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.


  39. my Dob is 16 march 1984 time 10:17 am kangra HP I wsih to kanow about my career . Presentely i am into teaching job , so should i continue in it or try for IAS etc

  40. 23

    my question about my future,job,love,marriage

    day thursday

  41. DOB: 10-DEC-1982
    Time: 7.00 PM (Evening)
    Place Ujjain (M.P.)

    I am an B.E + MBA (Finance) working in Investment Banking , Finance domain. Presently Job less and has been facing Problems, hurdles, obstacles in education and Career since 2003. Job less since June 2014. Twice my proposed marriage get cancelled. No Earnings, Savings with me at present and have education loan. Is Investment Banking and Finance is good field for my Career or should i try for another field in Management or Teaching or Phd in Finance ? When would i get Married ? And what would be my future like whether i would be having some money and savings for my future family.?

  42. Janki Dave
    Date of Birth 29/03/87
    Birth Time 23h 14 min
    Birth Place Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    My daughter with above Birth Data, is at a good position in job with a reputed company,far away from home in another state of India.She is highly creative and hardworking but having too bad time, much harassment due to bad superiors. Is there a chance or change of job for good in near future? When? or else should she resign and take a brake soon? Your answer can be a game changer for a frustrated person and family unhappy of that.

  43. Hi, my sister is low manglik and we hv found a guy for her who is non manglik. Will there be any problems in there marriage .we r stuck in d middle of no where only becoz of her mangal dosha…here r there details
    Girl name jaya
    DOB-12 MAR 1991
    Boy name dinesh
    Dob-12 may 1988
    Tob-04.45 pm

  44. Hello!!

    My name is Rouaa and I’m just learning about vedic. As I’m learning about my chart I realize both my sun and Venus and debilitated so do I have neech bhang, or raj yoga in my chart to make them a little stronger? Also what career field does my chart indicate?

    November 6, 1991
    2:56 AM
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Current place: philadelphia, USA

    Thank you!

  45. Dear Sir,
    My Date of Birth is 7th August 1980 & time is 8.20 pm. at Guwahati Mohendra Mohan Chaudhury Hospital, Panbazar.
    I want to know about my marriage. its on my cards or not. all the things regarding this.
    Kakali Das

  46. my son name is yash. born on 14 july/2003,time 11:40 am in new delhi. want to abou his best careare.

  47. When will i get good luck

    date: 9/5/2015
    time: 10:07
    place : Bandra west (mumbai)
    Question arised when i was at home
    any no: 400

  48. Hello Sir,
    I want to know about my marriage with my lover.
    My DOB is 15th april, 1991 and TOB is 12:15 AM .. Place is: Lahore, Pakistan ….
    Kindly tell something as i am very much worried…
    His DOB is 23rd march, 1987 ..Place : Quetta, Pakistan.. Time: Not known

  49. Sir..
    My dob. 19-01-1977
    Place. Maharashtra
    Time 2.47 pm
    My questions is, at present I’m totally in negative In terms Of money and trem of every thing.. What I do.. I’m totally disappointed…so many work I did BT not get nay success..

  50. I am running my own business with a massive dream. Will I succeed when will I get my financial freedom. I am married with a kid (boy)

    DOB: 21:09:1984
    Place: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
    Time: 12:40PM


  51. D.O.B – dec,3,1996
    time- 12:16 pm(afternoon)
    place- amritsar(punjab)
    31.6400° N, 74.8600° E

    query- will i be able to become IAS? do my kundli has such yog?

    the no. that is coming to my mind is 1

  52. DOB 26/11/1981
    Time : 3:45 AM
    Place: TRIPURA
    Want to know about my marriage life.When I shall get marriage? If horoscope does not match with groom’s horoscope will it creat any problem?

  53. respected guruji, i want to know about my future my career and also about my love life… because of family problem my beloved is not with me…… will he come back to me? will I get married to my partner? 2015 was my worst year in my life… when my good time will com?…. please need your prediction…… help me out …please

    my birth details
    DOB – 1/10/1992
    PLACE- kodarma,jharkhand
    TIME- approx 7:00 pm (don’t know exact timing )

  54. Dear sir my date of birth is31/03/1987 time of birth is14:05pm place of birth is Delhi pls sir tell me when I will get marry

  55. Varsha bhati
    d.o.B-) 30 sep 1991
    time- 10:30 am
    jodhpur rajasthan
    when will I get marry n get job and will I Seattle at abroad

  56. ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ
    ಹುಟ್ಟಿದ ದಿನಾಂಕ 16/07/1992
    ಹುಟ್ಟಿದ ಸಮಯ ರಾತ್ರಿ 2:00 ರಿಂದ 2:30AM
    ಹುಟ್ಟಿದ ಊರು ಮಂಡ್ಯದ ಹತ್ತಿರ ಇರುವ ಸೌದೇನಹಳ್ಳಿ ಗ್ರಾಮ
    ಆದ ಕಾರಣ ನನ್ನ ಪೂರ್ಣ ಪಂಚಾಂಗ ಮತ್ತು ಭವಿಷ್ಯದ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ತಿಳಿಸಿಕೊಡಿ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

  57. DOB 4th March 1991 Birth tine 9.15 pm night, place of birth Mumbai ,Wadal. What is the chances of marraige in 2016, will she get a soul mate as per her wish.

  58. DOB 4th March 1991 , Monday 9.15 pm. night . Mumbai Wadala,
    when she will get married ? How would the soul mate be ?. will it be a love or arranged marriage, How would be her life ,

  59. Sir mera ilets ka result ane wala hai 2 March 20 16 . muje jan na hai kisa rhe ga…muje Bhut tension hai..main second time eaxm de rhi hu plz..Koi remide result acha ane k lyie . date of birth:3.3.1990 and birth time:1:25 pm Kotkaura

  60. Dr manoj sachjdeva
    19/06/1975; time:20:55
    Querry:Private practice or a job? Which suits better

  61. 16-07-1992
    Kolar (karnataka)
    Q: confusions in profession, I got bachelor’s degree in 2014, but still not yet getting the job.

  62. I m born 1st dec 78 at 9 am chandigarh india. Is there true love or second marriage in my life. I m in constant depression.

  63. DOB=29.6.1957,Time=08.46AM,Place-Kolkata Sir,Kindy forecast about my future, One Daughter’s marriage and service(MSC in GEO) 24+ (DOB 02.09.1991 at 05.31PM at Purulia(W.Bengal,India)

  64. Dear sir wanted to know about my health wealth n married life how wud it be
    DOB 10/12/1968
    Place mumbai (Borivli)
    Time 1.13 AM

  65. Rajen modi
    Brith date 9 August 1970
    brith time. 03:00 Am
    brith place Ahmedabad gujarat India
    when my bhagyoday start ?

  66. Abhijit De
    Chandannagore, Hooghly, westbengal
    Time-8.12 pm
    Contact no 8274847571
    Carrer related question-
    I am now working in private Institute as assistant professor. But i want to switch off from this job. I want to go abroad for higher studies. Kindly give me some suggestion regarding this

  67. My name is sajeev DOB 29-01-1975 time is 9a.m and place Thiruvananthàpuram,Kerala the question is I want to go abroad and find a good job and a better living

  68. I lost my job last month will I get back the job again my date of birth is 20th February 1976, Timing 1.53am, Mangalore

  69. Name kishore gaba
    Dob 05december1979
    Timming 03.50am
    Born in bombay maharastra
    About business
    I had open 4 type of business
    In every business I had got loss

  70. date of birth….26 april 1998
    i want to know this year carreer and aboyt my studies
    place of birth…kishtwar jmmu nd kashmir
    contact n********9018

  71. Date of birth 16.11.1991 time of birth 4.45 PM place of birth. Jaipur..I want to ask I m doing cs and in cs final I want to go outside Jaipur for cs training in august will I able to go and when my cs would be completed and when would. I get good job as a cs . and will I get the job in Jaipur or out of Jaipur..

  72. Date of birth -21/09/1997
    Time of birth-09:05 am
    Birth place – Jamshedpur, jharkhand
    I am doing btech plz sujjest me gemstones to give a take off to my career
    Contact number-7050547258

  73. my dob 6 nov 1992
    place- nasik, maharashtra
    time- 7:15 pm
    i had married in april 2016 within 1 month my husband lossed, his job and cant get till a new one.
    im also finding job in sw field as well as bank what can we both do for our job

  74. Born on 14th April 1977 at nashik maharashtra at 12:38am.
    trying for overseas job for good earnings coz of sever financial & personal differences & problems . What are the chances ?

  75. Sir hi I am prashant shet my dob is 17 jan 1984. Time 05.35 am .
    Please tell me about my future really facing lots of problems in life when will i get settled in life.

  76. Who is my actual ishtdev (*GOVERNING LORD*) as per my kundali (*BIRTHCHART*)?
    Birth details-
    Rakesh mhatre
    6:45 pm
    Thane, maharashtra, india

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