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You can ask ONE question that’s of utmost importance to you and NAKSHATRA JYOTISA will provide you with the answer through Krishnamurthy Padhdhati and Horary Astrology.

Please post your questions on the blog at bottom (in comments section). We shall appreciate your contributions (you can pay on the first page) and will put your question in the preferred queue that usually takes about a week’s time. The contributions support our continued service and research & development work done at NAKSHATRA JYOTISA by Astrologers and aspirants from around the world.





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73 thoughts on “Vedic and Nakshatra Astrology Consultation

  1. # Ronit Says:
    April 30, 2009 at 5:58 pm

    Dear Sir,

    1.Name Ronit Ahuja
    2.Date of Birth: 09/oct/1979
    3.Time of Birth: 17:30pm
    4.Place of Birth: durg, chattisgarh previously madhya pradesh
    5.Any significant events to verify/double check your birth time (if applicable) like ——not applicable

    6.No.of Brothers and Sisters and whether they are elder or younger to you: 1 Elder sister , married & settled

    7. Qualifications : BE , MBA

    My questions:

    1. Career : Job or Business

    I have not met any good astrologer so far, who can tell me which is better option -with regards to career.I am at present not at all satisfied with my job …sitting idle in job for nearly 6months ….but waiting for some new openings. Should I quit and do something on my own / business?

    2. Marriage :My marriage is getting delayed? when will i get married or will I?

    3. Money – I am right now earning fair enough for me & my expenses, but feels very low when think of family. Although they dont require my money. Will I earn good money or I am going to lead average life?

    4. Foreign travel : I have travelled between 2004-2008 a lot, particularly in 2007-08. Will I travel or get a job outside ?

    Please do reply. Thanks


  2. Born on 29th Sep 1974, 4.05pm in Mumbai India. Need advice about business that we just started (food business) and want to know when would it pick up and we start making money. Or should we sell it. Please your guidance would be appreciated. Started this business last year around July.

  3. DOb : 26 apr 1972
    Time of Birth: 07: 35pm
    Place of Birth : Bhiwani(Haryana)

    Number: 65

    Q: I hav got my visa clear for UK. But till now i hav not got a good job offer from UK. When (which month) will i go to london. how will be my career in Uk.

    kindly reply.

  4. Pranam,
    I have been struggling with my career for past almost a year and a half. I have not been growing as a professional, I keep trying to change my job but never get any response. I have been stuck at this position(team leader) for more than 3.5 yrs. when I joined this company, I thought it would add to my skills but the kind of work I do does not take my knowledge level up. I am looking for a change desperately.

    Please tell me when would I be able to change the company. When would I get promotion.

    Also money does not stay with me, whenever I collect some amount, one or the other problem comes and my money goes into it. I am not able to fulfill my dreams.

    Please guide and tell what is there in store for me.

    DOB: 19-06-1977
    Time: 1510
    Place: Jaipur, Rajasthan

  5. sir my name is mithun g k
    name-mithun g k
    date of birth-17-08-1985
    time-1:42 am
    place of birth-hassan

  6. I really want to learn astrology will I be able to learn it in my life? If yes, the could you please tell me when can I start the classes?

    1. Dear Kirti,

      We did not get your message in time due to technical issues. If you are still interested, please contact on the email mentioned below.

      Nakshatra Jyotisa Kendra is the world research center for Vedic and KP Astrology. We shall be happy to provide you full support without any fees, if you are really keen on learning Astrology.

      Regards and God Bless,

  7. born on 13 Feb 1982 at Trivandrum Kerala India. 2:35 pm
    Stuck at a very bad workplace, trying to change my job. It will be of great help if you can tell me when I can move on to a better job

  8. I have a pentagram sign on my right palm just at the middle of Apollo line which is a double line in my case. Please tell me its meaning.

  9. Dear Sir,

    Pls see below my details:
    DOB – 10th November’1980
    Time – 03:41 pm
    Place – New delhi, India

    1) Marriage:
    – when will i get married, as there has been lot of delay
    – Pls advise details about my future partner – nature, health and wealth status
    – How will be our compatibility and marital life
    – Problems if you can foresee any
    2) Career
    – I am currently into garment export industry as a merchandiser.
    – How will be my career in this line and will i be able to achieve name and fame in future through this line
    – I have changed job about 8 months back. Please advise longevity in this job, as there have been couple of changes before and have not got satisfaction earlier.


  10. hello sir
    recently i completed my college waiting for result got 2 interview call but in april i got slip disc prob. thats why can’t able to atted the interview now in tension when willi recover from this prb.and whnen ill i got new job.i don’t know why all this happening to me sum one told me that 2009 will be ur golden year but happening this kind ofthing dosen’t indicate tht is year become gud for me.plz give your suggestion.
    my name:anil nebhani
    my bitth date:14 aug,1987
    my birth time:09:19pm
    my brth palce:ajmer,rajasthan (my profession B.E. in Mechanicl Engg.)

    plz give suggestion bout y brthers marriage when will he get marrige…
    his name:pankaj
    birth date:17july,1981
    birth place :bundi,rajasthan
    birth time:5:50am

    plz plz plz give us your suggestion.

    with regards
    anil nebhani

  11. My Dob:17th July 1974 Time:20:45 Place: Lucknow(UP)
    My husbands DOB:11th Aug 1971 Time: 13:05 Place: Varanasi(UP)
    My daughter DOB:6th Jan 2003 Time: 19:15 Place:Lucknow(UP)

    My husband is working as a manager in a good govt. comp and at good sal. yet we r not able to maintain a good living standard more so i even have to skimp the demands of my daughter. I was working before marriage and then i could manage a good living for myself but i am not only limited to home but also lack in support partially from my husband and mostly from my parents in law.Somebody told me that my planetary postions are responsible for such a fateful situation. Can u suggest me a way out?

  12. Hello My details are
    Date of Birth 16 Feb 1969 Sunday
    Time of Birth 10:30:00 PM
    Place of Birth Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), India
    My specific problems are very weak health, divorce and lack of opportunities in professional life.I was wondering can I expect for a
    second marriage , improvement in health and a good professional life abroad. Thank you for the attention
    opportunity abroad. Thanks for

  13. name-nitish agarwal


    date of birth-27/6/1988

    time-1:22 am


    i want to know who is my ISHT DEV?

    whether i could make my parents proud of myself?

    please reply and help me! i w’ld be very gratyeful to you.thank u

  14. I would like to ask a Horary question if I may;

    My question is;

    What was the secret the two boys had?

    I am a friend to one of the two boy’s sister.

    thank you

  15. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth= 20.01.1967, Place of birth = Gwalior in India, & Time of birth =19: 55 hrs.

    Kindly send me the complete prediction with respect to wealth, job & profession, family life, children ,health , property & assets.

    with best regards

  16. Sir,
    i would like to see your consultation. How do i go about it?
    What is the email id where i should send my details and queries?

    Please Guide.


  17. Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 delivery error:

    1. Namaskar:

      We apologize due to technical issues, we were not getting your emails. Please find the updated email address at the bottom of this mail where you can get in touch with us.

      You can ask ONE question that’s of utmost importance to you and NAKSHATRA JYOTISA will provide you with the Precise and Accurate answer through Krishnamurthy Padhdhati and Horary Astrology.

      We do not charge any fees for the first question. If you want to donate or contribute, please write to The contributions support Research and Development work done at NAKSHATRA JYOTISA KENDRA by Astrologers and aspirants from around the world. We use any surplus towards charity.

      Process: Note down that one brief and specific (closed-ended) question, which is most important for you to know about on a paper.

      Write down the exact TIME and DATE, when that question appeared in your mind “randomly”.

      Think of the first number that comes to your mind at that time between 1 to 249 and write it down on the paper. It should be the random number, don’t force upon getting a particular number (NO lucky or favorite numbers).

      Email the details and you will get your answer with the EXACT TIME of occurrence of this event in your future life.

      Please allow at least two days time to do the calculation and analysis!

      Wishing you good health and fortune,


    1. Dear All:

      Yes, the blog is working and we have been replying over the emails on best effort. Also, there are some personal questions that most people usually prefer not to be published so the answers will be given over email. Please do mention your email so we can reply accordingly.

      Regards and God Bless,

  18. Hi,
    The question is regarding my marriage when will i be getting married.

    These are my details
    29.09.1976, 1.10am , trichur, kerala

    will i marry a girl by the name of varsha
    i choose the no 97

    i am based at nerul , navi mumbai ,india time is 11.15am



  19. Namaskar sir
    Plz help.It is vry urgent..!!!!
    I raised ny voice against two corrupt people at my workplace.
    Now those two fellows are all the time finding out ways n means to take revenge from me.Oneof them has projected a very bad image of mine only in front of everyone including my bosses.The owner is also believeing them.Those two fellows tuk bribe n I jst tried to bring out the truth.No one is believng though a few students hav given all details in written.My immediate boss is saying “v dnt hv proof” n one shrewd fellow hs said to the owner that i am doing all this becoz I had an affair wd the other one and noe becoz v r had a fight I am draging both of them to take revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!I wl not lie….i never had any affair with those two fellows.Guide me what to do now?I was planning to meet the owner n tel her the fact bt one astrologer told to my sister that at present im having a vry bad time becoz of “Rahu” n if il try to talk to the owner to clarify my position ,ill defintly lose!!!! i wl b defeated!Is it so?????????????I m vry confused.Plz see my horo n let me know about the future of my career.

    -a sister

  20. hello,

    my DOB-28.09.1975,Place-Padana village, Jind(haryana),time 7.30AM,
    Education : MCA . working as software developer. recently started working in a very big and good company.
    I did lots of hard work to achieve this, I joined their just three months back.

    My question is When will I get married? and what should I do, so this can happen as early as possible.


  21. hello i want to know when will i get married/
    date of brith 24/07/1980
    birth time 09:58am
    birth place bhavnagar(gujarat)india.

  22. i was born on 21/03/1973 at 3.50a.m. at chandigarh and kindly predict significant good/ bad eventsin future, carrear prospects, happiness from children

    1. Dear Nishaji:

      I hope this finds you in Great Health and Good Fortune !

      If you don’t recall me, I’m the founder of “Nakshatra Jyotisa Kendra” – The World Research Center for KrishnaMurthy Padhdhati and Vedic Astrology. K.P. is a highly predictive branch of astrology and so I pray that I’m able to give you precise prediction. You mailed me a long time ago on our wordpress blog.

      I am extremely sorry for not being able to respond to your mail anytime earlier. It is unfortunate and difficult to believe how many people are suffering and so the queue is infinite. However, I try my best to reply to all one by one and most of the times I fail to reply in time. But I do reply.

      I hope the circumstances have improved for you and life is treating you much better now. In any case, I owe you an answer so here I am. If you have any question feel free to ask now.

      Please follow the instructions to get a precise answer:

      1. Whenever that ONE “Most important question” that you need to know comes to your mind RANDOMLY, note it down on a paper. Write the full question with concentration (but DO NOT FORCE it, Wait till it appears randomly in your mind. We consider it as the Birth of the Question in the Native’s Mind and only then can we make a Horary Birthchart of that Question itself and give a precise prediction)

      2. Note down the exact TIME and DATE when the question came to your mind.

      3. Think of the Number between 1 to 249, that comes to your mind FIRST and RANDOMLY. Note it down under the question and time/date detail. (Do NOT choose a number by will, like your favorite number or lucky number)

      Send me these details and I will reply to you with the YES / NO and the precise time of the occurrence of that event in your future life.

      Again, you have my deepest apologies for not being able to help in time.

      Regards and God Bless,

      1. Radhakrishnanji – Astrologers with good knowledge and vision are welcome on NAKSHATRA JYOTISA. To be able to reply to comments and participate actively, we request you to please send a small introduction of yourself that we can put on the blog. Information like below will also help:
        For how long have you been into Astrology, which branch or Astrology and whether you have formal education?

        Looking forward to having you on our panel.

        Kind regards,

        1. Hi sir, I am Radhakrishnan anandh practising astrology for more than 18 years and could give reply promptly to readers in u r blog and actively and responsively. I had formal education on Vedic astrology and doing research work on ashtagavarga science.

          1. My DoB : 26th Sept 1975 (Friday), at 9-12 PM (IST), in Kolkata (West Bengal). Problems : Very low income, no female partners / wife, poor health, property dispute with cousins (regarding our ancestral house). What to do ? My phone no. : (0)9830600184.

  23. i m rashmi from mumbai and my dob is 6 october 1975 at 11.30am at baroda (vadodara) gujarat and husband anirudh’s dob is 25 january 1972 at 1.10am also at baroda gujarat. i am having lot of problems in marraige & right now the matter is in court. bt i love my husband and i dont want divorce. pls advise abt the future of married life and remedy for it as i have 2 years old son.

  24. name bablu, DOB 28 dec 1980, time 9:57 am, lat 27.31 N and lon 85.31 E GMT diff +5:30
    query: am passing through sadesati,rahu mahadasha.please provide detail thought in Nakstras order for all seven year’s in break up of 3 months and antardasas of rahu each. on my Marriage,Business,Health,income,family,Relationships,studies,and other related matters.
    plz help would be very gradeful cause m going through a very bad times and devastated,broke and at the verse of sucide if notthing happens soon

  25. I Would like to check my Horoscope because i am not still marry and not settable in my life so plz check and Tell me.

    D.O.B : 10/10/1984
    T.O.B : 12:25 PM
    P.O.B : Gandhinagar ( Gujarat,India )

  26. hello my name is Shovan Ghosh.i want to know about my carrier and education.

    my details is :

    BIRTH TIME: 10.37AM
    LATITUDE: 23೰’N
    LONGITUDE: 87ರ’E

  27. Name : Raj Kamal
    Date of Birth : 23-09-1980
    Time of Birth : 00:25 (12:25 AM)
    Place of Birth : Patna, Bihar, India.
    Favorite No. : 555
    Query : When will I get married? Will my marriage be love marriage or arrange marriage? How my life partner will be?

  28. Sir,

    My details are as follows

    Name Rakesh Kumar

    DOB 23.04.1971

    Place of Birth Muzaffarpur ( Bihar)

    Time of Birth 6.58 pm

    My favorite no is 145

    my query is when i will get job . pl be specific

  29. When will my canadian immigration come through?

    Time 18:49Date 12 december 2011
    Place: Toronto, Ontario – Lat/long –
    43° 38′ N/ 79° 23′ W
    Number : 198

  30. 25
    My birth details are:
    Name: Mansi Goel
    DOB : March 2’1990
    TOB: 17:26 hours
    Place: Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
    I want to know if I will get a job this year. Also, I am preparing for
    MBA entrances. My exams would be from October’2012- December’2012.
    Results for written would be declared in Jan’13. And final calls for
    admission in May’13. Will i get through and get admission to an
    institute of my choice?
    Also, kindly let me know how 2013,14,15 will prove to be for my
    career. I shall be highly obliged to you.
    Thank you!

  31. My main question : WHEN will I get married (if at all) ? The number that comes to my mind randomly is 170. My birth details : 26th Sept 1975 (Friday), at 9-12 PM (IST), in KOLKATA (West Bengal, India). My phone number is (0)-9830600184. Thank you !

  32. anandname-devanand
    date of brith-19/4/1982
    place-bhandara maharastra

    this question oppened in my mind on at 4.02pm dated 7/8/2012
    the number that i could think of is 5. at kanhan nagpur (maharashtra state)
    please find the date of my marrage.

  33. Sir,
    I am Bhargavi from bangalore and came across your website and felt little confident and happy..

    need to know WHEN WILL I GET A CHILD
    lucky no came to my mind is 2

  34. dob-21/09/1994
    place of birth-Mumbai, India
    career:-after graduation will i get an chance to study further abroad or will it be in India?
    will i succeed in my job? job will be in India or abroad?
    marriage:-will i have love or arranged marriage?
    when will i marry?

  35. Jitender Chauhan

    My business (properties) not happening from last 01 year ,deals are coming but not concluding to fetch results and suffering from very very heavy financial loses.

    I hope you will surely help me.

  36. namskar

    savita here…

    i want to know about myself

    want to know about carrer. last 7 yr i have face many problems
    i start to publish magazine ..which was now stopped..dont know what to do?
    plz guide me…in which field i will be get success ??

    i have given a no . 128

    name : savita
    date of birth : 8 jan 1972
    time : 4.45 am
    place : ashta, sangli dist. maharashtra / india
    rashi : kanya
    gan :dev
    nakshatra :hasta
    charan : trutiya

  37. Gayathri 16th december 1986 5:30am tiruchirapalli.

    My query: I have delivered a baby and I am on a highly paid and respected job. I am finding it very difficult to balance work and child and I want you to predict my professional state for the next couple of years. I am a manager in an industry handling ceramics and taps. Is this suitable for me? I am enjoying work so much but I find no alternative to leave my baby as she is too young. Pls help.

  38. raj 5th november 1977. I have just found a job after a gap of 1.5yrs. My chandra dasha just began 1 year back and it put me on tough times with chandra bhukthi. Pls advice if this job will last longer as its my 11th lord in 11th house running mahadasha but with a neecha mars who becomes neecha bhanga raja yoga.

  39. Name:Richa Bajpai
    Birth date:5th aug 1986
    birth place:gorakhpur (u.p) India
    I am Pharma post graduate but am not getting any desirable job.How long do I have to struggle for right opportunity?
    please suggest any remedy

  40. Hi,
    My name is anu and my DOB is 6th March 1098 and DOT is 20:09 pm and PoB is Dombivli, maharashtra.
    My life is very miserable till date. I am struggling in money matters as well as in career. When I will get settled in my life? Do I have any rajyogas in my kundli?

  41. Dear sir,
    I am living in rental house despite I have my own property when will i can construct it? My details
    Dob 02/08/1955
    Time 12:00 pm
    Place Solapur

  42. Hi this is dattatraya pawar from pune I am looking for government job from last three years but I am not getting it, presently not working, so marriage delays, parents suffering from blood pressure and sugar problem, father is retired now from job so earning sources, kindly check my Kundali and send me solutions for the same, my details is birthday is 20 September 1984, birth place is pune of maharashtra, birth time is4.45pm, please send me information about gemstones, rudraksh, pendant which will be suitable for my career and competitive exam, looking for your reply.

  43. hello sir,

    I would like to know could I get married to a boy of my choice?
    my birth details

    dob 7th March 1986
    time 8:20 am
    Place Cannanore, Kerala

  44. hello sir

    I would like to know could I get married to a boy of my choice?
    My parents are very much worried about me. Recently I got a marriage proposal to which both me and my parents are not happy(this was the same proposal which I declined four years back) still my parents are considering this because they are worried about my future and they fear that I will remain unmarried if I don’t get a boy of my choice as I am 29 yrs of age. My parents wants me to be happy and they always bless me by saying “may god hear your prayers and fullfil your wish of getting married to a boy of your choice” but.

    Please tell me what my destiny had decided for me. Do I end up marrying the same boy who I had rejected earlier because I don’t like him and now also I don’t want to get married to him. Nowdays whenever I look in to the mirror I Laugh and make fun of myself because I have waited for long time hoping one day my dream will come true and see what a game played by destiny up on me.

    my birth details

    dob 7th March 1986
    time 8:20 am
    place Cannanore, kerala
    Now residing at Mumbai

    Kindly reply

  45. Pranam , I was born on 4th February 2004,time: 6:52am on Wednesday in Patna.
    I want to become a model.
    Is there any possibility?
    PS: this is my number: 9999319734. If u can reply on it then please try.
    Ananya Mishra

  46. Pranam guru ji
    I am suffering from heavy debts my busuness is not running well.
    Please advice.
    D. O. B – 23.04.1971.
    T. O. B – 16.23
    P. O. B – Kolkata( west bengal)

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